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Title: 國小學生藝術導覽創造思考教學之行動研究
Authors: 陳李綢
Keywords: 創造思考教學法
Creative Thinking Teaching
art curatorial
elementary student docent
action research
consensus evaluation
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本研究旨在探究「藝術導覽創造思考教學培訓課程」實施後,對學生創造力表現與導覽的影響與成效,本研究採行動研究法,以臺北市TP國小高年級31位藝術小尖兵為對象,進行20週40小時的藝術導覽創造思考教學培訓課程。藉由教學札記、協同研究員回饋紀錄、師生訪談紀錄、學習單、導覽稿、學習回饋單、導覽稿回饋單、導覽技能互評表、小尖兵訓練自評表、小尖兵暨家長心得表、攝影與錄影……等相關資料進行質性資料蒐集與分析。同時,佐以研究者自編的「創造力表現測驗」前後測、「創造力表現測驗觀察量表」為工具,以25位藝術小尖兵為實驗組,臺北市TM國小高年級未進行實驗課程之等量學生為對照組,進行準實驗研究中不等組前後測。所得測驗結果施以共識評量,並根據評分數據進行皮爾遜積差相關、獨立樣本單因子共變數分析,以瞭解本實驗教學之成效。 研究結果顯示:在創造力方面,實施「藝術導覽創造思考教學培訓課程」後實驗組學生的創造力與各分量表現,相較於對照組及實驗組前後測比較均有顯著差異。學生對於創造力的認知、技能與態度上均有顯著成長,並能運用於藝術導覽、其他領域學習與日常生活中。在藝術導覽方面,學生在自信心、藝術專業知識、導覽概念與技能、學習態度,均有顯著提升。能獨立進行畫作導覽與引導參觀展場的任務。並且懂得應用相關導覽技能進行其他學科的學習。在培訓課程方面,本研究已建立出國小藝術導覽培訓課程架構、導覽稿組織架構、導覽評量指標與基本導覽教學模式。 本研究最後根據研究結果提出建議,以供教育實務應用與未來研究之參考。
The purpose of this thesis is to evaluate the efficiency of applying creative thinking methods in art docent training course on 31 5th and 6th grade elementary school students. Notes, reflective journals, interview scripts, study sheets, peer and self-evaluation sheets, videos and photos in the 20 weeks, 40 hours training course in an experimental group of 25 students and the other control group of 25 students were fully collected and qualitatively analyzed using “Creativity Performance Test” and “Creativity Performance Scale” developed by the researcher. The results were tested using Pearson's product-moment correlation coefficient and ANCOVA . The main are findings: 1. Creativity performances such as expeditious, fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration in the experimental group were significantly better than the control group. 2. Students in the experimental group had learnt about knowledge of creativity and creative strategy also be able to apply in art curatorial, schoolwork and daily life. 3. Students’ confidence, art knowledge, art curatorial knowledge and skills, learning attitude were all improved significantly. 4. Students are able to tour exhibitions and curate paintings. Such skills are also helpful in the learning on other subjects. 5. An example of elementary school art curatorial training course curriculum, which includes its assessment and teaching module were developed in this research. Based on the results of this research the researcher gives suggestions on research tools and methods for further research.
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