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Title: 電子產業研發人員創造行為評量表之發展暨信效度研究
The Development, Reliability and Validity Examination of Creative Behavior Assessment Scale for R&D engineer of Electronics Industry
Authors: 陳學志
Keywords: 研發人員
R&D engineer
creative behavior
behavior index
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本研究之目的在發展具有行為指標與層級的創造行為評量表。本研究經由訪談十二位高創造表現與八位普通創造表現的電子產業研發人員,蒐集有助於研發人員在其工作中問題解決的內外在行為,並根據訪談內容分析結果編製成創造行為評量表。本評量表分為「工作態度」、「專業知識」、「創新思考」三個構面,每個構面有五個層級,每一層級內有二至四個行為指標,共四十五個行為指標。本評量表在信度與效度的檢驗結果皆達到可接受的標準,顯示本評量表可做為電子產業研發人員創造行為的評量工具,並能指出創造行為間的高低層次關係。
This study aims to develop a creative behavior assessment scale with stratified behavior indexes. After interviewing twelve high creative performance and eight normal creative performance R&D engineers in the electronic industry, the study collected their overt and inner behaviors that could enhance problem solving at work. From a content analysis of interview transcript, the creative behavior assessment scale was formed in three dimensions: work attitude, domain knowledge, and innovative thinking. Each dimension consists of five levels, every level includes two to four behavior indexes, with a total of forty-five behavior indexes. The result of reliability and validity examination reached the acceptable level. It is concluded that the creative behavior assessment scale can effectively assess creative behavior of R&D engineer of electronics industry, and also can detect the relationship between high and low level creative behaviors.
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