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Title: 創意達人之產品、行銷及經營策略之研究-以臺師大創新育成中心為例
The study of creativity of daren product, the marketing and the management strategy the central ─National Taiwan Normal University, Industries Innovation Incubation Center as an Example
Authors: 潘裕豐
Pan Yu-Fong
Lin Chieh-Ju
Keywords: 創意達人
Creativity Daren
Management Strategy
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討創意達人之產品、行銷及經營策略之研究,並以臺師大創新育成中心中的六組創意達人為選取為研究對象。 研究資料採用質性研究,並以深度訪談探討其產品、行銷及經營策略方面。研究資料則是將訪談內容轉成文字稿,經由反覆閱讀、分析、交叉比對、歸納、綜合,以理解這些創意達人在產品、行銷及經營策略方面,藉由他們的生命故事啟發後進者。 有的受訪者的父母教育態度適時地提供支援或協助。有的受訪者的求學過程都很順利,深受老師的影響與啟發。有的受訪者基於因緣際會、自身興趣與能力進而投入創業之路。有的受訪者對工作的不滿足以及渴望工作上的變化促使他們希望在創業中求新求變並樂在其中。 本研究最後進一步針對創意達人之產品、行銷及經營策略及未來研究分別提出建議以供參考。
This research is for the purpose of discussing research of product, the marketing and the management strategy the creativity Daren, and six group of creativity Daren who nurtures in the center by of the Taiwan normal university innovation for selection for object of study. The research material uses the archery target research, and discusses its product, the marketing and the management strategy aspect by the depth interview. The research material is transfers the interview content the writing manuscript, by way of reads, the analysis, the overlapping ratio repeatedly to, the induction, the synthesis, understood that these creativity Daren in the product, the marketing and the management strategy aspect, inspires the junior because of theirs life story. Some participant's parents educate the manner at the right moment to provide the support or the assistance. Some participants study the process to be very smooth, depth teacher's influence and inspiration. Some participants based on cause opportune moment, own interest and road of the ability then investment undertaking. Some participants do not satisfy as well as in the hope work change to the work urge them to hope to ask in the undertaking to strive for change newly and happily in which. This research will aim finally further at product, the marketing and the management strategy and the futurology the creativity Daren proposed separately the suggestion will supply the reference.
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