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Title: 以部件鍵接圖及創意精緻化策略提升以華語文為第二語言學習者之學習興趣及成效研究
The Research of Key Imagine Strategy and Creative Elaborate Mnemonics Promote the Learning Effects and Strategy Preferences to Chinese as Second Language Learners
Authors: 陳學志
Keywords: 漢字學習
Chinese character learning
Creative Elaborate Mnemonics
Chinese as Second Language
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究旨在探究不同的部件及漢字學習策略對於以華語文為第二語言學習者之學習興趣與學習成效之影響。在部件學習成效的研究部分,實驗設計為單因子受試者內設計,其自變項為部件學習策略,部件學習效果為依變項,每位受試者均需接受「無鍵接圖」與「有鍵接圖」二種部件學習策略操弄,探討不同的部件學習策略(無鍵接圖、有鍵接圖學習策略)其部件學習成效之差異;在漢字學習成效的研究部分,則為單因子受試者內實驗設計,以漢字學習策略為自變項,每位受試者均需接受「反覆抄寫」與「創意精緻化策略」二種漢字學習策略操弄,分析二種漢字學習策略對於漢字學習成效的差異。以外,本研究亦以漢字學習策略偏好之問卷瞭解以華語文為第二語言學習者在部件學習策略與漢字學習策略之偏好。本研究對象以23位非以華語文為母語之外籍自願者為實驗參與者(12名男生、11名女生)。研究中所使用的材料以中文部件組字與形構資料庫(陳學志等人,2011)中挑選36個漢字目標字做為學習材料,而測量工具為研究者以目標字自編的字義作業與字形作業,針對受試者進行實驗前測、實驗結束之立即後測與一週後的延宕後測。研究結果為: 一、部件學習策略(無鍵接圖策略、有鍵接圖策略)對於CSL學習者在部件字字義識記之立即學習效果沒有差異。 二、漢字學習策略(反覆抄寫策略、創意精緻化策略)對於CSL學習者在漢字字義識記之學習效果有差異,無論在立即學習效果或延宕學習效果,創意精緻化策略的正確率高於反覆抄寫策略。 三、無論在立即學習效果或延宕學習效果,漢字學習策略(反覆抄寫策略、創意精緻化策略)對於CSL學習者漢字字形辨識之學習效果皆沒有顯著差異。 四、在部件學習階段,CSL學習者喜歡有鍵接圖學習策略的人數多於無鍵接圖學習策略。 五、在漢字學習階段,CSL學習者針對漢字之記憶、辨識與書寫的學習策略,偏好選擇創意精緻化學習策略的人數多於反覆抄寫者。
The aim of this thesis is to explore the learning effects of Key Imagine Strategy and Creative Elaborate Mnemonics to CSL learners and discusses the Strategy Preferences and learning results. Participants were 23 volunteers of non-native Chinese speakers in Taipei city, 12 males and 11 females. Their Chinese abilities were identified by Chinese character recognition task before the experiment. The materials are 36 target Chinese characters. The measuring tools are the Chinese character meaning and form test. The design is One way within-subjects design, one of the within-subjects factor is radical learning strategies(Key Imagine Strategy and no strategy ),another within-subjects factor is Chinese character learning strategy(Creative Elaborate Mnemonics and Character-writing) .Finally a self-administered questionnaire was used to realize CSL preferences of learning strategy .The main findings are as follows: 1. By the result of immediate meaning posttest, the effects of radical learning strategies are not different to the learning result. 2. No matter the result of immediate or delayed meaning posttest, the effect of Creative Elaborate Mnemonics is significantly better than Character-writing Strategy. 3. The result of immediate or delayed form posttest, the effects of Chinese character learning strategies are not different to the learning result. 4. Most participants choose Key Imagine Strategy as the radical learning strategy. 5. Learning by Creative Elaborate Mnemonics is favored by most participants. Suggestion of Chinese character learning for CSL is provided according to the results.
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