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Title: 國中學生的人格特質、家長教養方式與社群直播平台使用經驗之關係
The Relationships Among Personality Traits, Parenting Style and The User Experience of Social Live Broadcasting Platform in Junior High School Students.
Authors: 潘裕豐
Pan, Yu-Feng
Tseng, Tzu-Ning
Keywords: 國中學生
junior high school students
personality traits
parenting style
experience of using social live broadcasting platforms
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討國中學生人格特質、家長教養方式與社群直播平台使用經驗的關係,以臺北市、新北市和桃園市三個地區共761位國中學生為研究對象,有效樣本共640人,男生353人,女生287人。將所得數據以描述性統計、卡方考驗、單因子變異數分析、Scheffe事後比較、淨相關分析和多元迴歸分 析進行分析。研究結果如下: 一、國中學生的人格特質會因家庭社經地位的不同而有顯著差異,家庭社經 地位較高者,在外向性、開放性、謹慎性的程度高於低家庭社經地位者。 二、家長教養方式會因家庭狀況不同而有顯著差異,與父母同住者和與父同 住者,傾向開明權威的教養方式高於傾向寬鬆放任的教養方式。 三、國中學生人格特質中的友善性、神經質性、外向性和開放性與社群直播 平台使用經驗有顯著相關。 四、國中學生在人格特質中的友善性、神經質性和外向性對社群直播平台使 用經驗具有顯著預測力。 希望本研究結果能提供家長、教育工作者及未來研究作參考。
The purpose of this study is to explore the relationships among the personality traits, parenting style and the user experience of social live broadcasting platform in junior high school students. A total of 761 junior high school students in Taipei City, New Taipei City and Taoyuan City were selected as the research objects. And valid samples were 640, including 353 boys and 287 girls. The data was analyzed through descriptive statistics, chi-square test, one-way analysis of variance, Scheffé's method, partial correlation and multiple regression analysis. There are four findings in the research: 1.The personality traits of junior high school students are significantly different according to the social- economic status of their families. Those with high social-economic status have higher degrees in personality of extroversion, openness and conscientiousness than those with low social-economic status. 2.Parenting style varies significantly according to different family conditions. For those living with parents and living with fathers, the parenting style tending to authoritative than permissive. 3.The personality traits of agreeableness, neuroticism, extraversion and openness of junior high school students are significantly correlated with the experience of using social broadcast platforms. 4. For junior high school students, their experience of using social live broadcasting can be significantly predicted based on the personality traits of agreeableness, neuroticism, and extraversion. It is expected that the results of this study can provide reference for parents, educators and future research.
Other Identifiers: G0006A02106
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