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Title: CoRT組織思考融入理財教學方案對國中學習障礙學生理財學習之研究
A Research on Integrating the CoRT Organization Thinking Strategy into Financial Instruction Program for Junior High School Students with Learning Disabilities
Authors: 潘裕豐
Pan, Yu-Fong
Tseng, Yau-Hui
Keywords: CoRT組織思考
the CoRT organization thinking strategy
financial instruction
Learning Disabilities
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究採行動研究,乃因研究者於從事特殊教育工作多年為增進學習障礙學生的理財知能,增進學習障礙學生之未來生活適應而希望發展系統理財教學方案而來。 本研究主要目的探討CoRT組織思考融入理財教學方案發展,及對所教學的三位學習障礙生本方案實施之歷程,以了解三位國中學習障礙學生於教學方案學習表現,並討論三位國中學習障礙學生學習使用CoRT組織思考於理財學習之表現及其意向。 本研究之結果如下: 一、 原發展共九個單元十四節課(四百二十分鐘),建議改為九個單元十八節課(五百四十分鐘)。並在繕寫教學方案時有具體評量標準及增加欄位明示可融入之課程領域。 二、 探討本教學方案教學歷程得到以下結論: 本教學方案可視學生先備知識狀況,選擇合適單元融入課程領域或調整單元教學順序; 部分單元教學時間不足;增加設計實作活動使學生精熟內容;發現本教學方案適合九年級學習障礙學生學習,亦可視內容及學生之先備知識融入各年級領域教學;運用多媒體設備及適當學習輔助工具使學習障礙學生能維持學習興趣;使用網路計算工具讓有運算困難的學習障礙學生在理財學習時減少干擾;本教學方案建立學習障礙學生與生涯探索及生活願景的連結;融入CoRT組織思考能有脈絡地引導學生學習障礙學生如何解決理財相關問題;本教學方案結構完整,可有系統地運用於國中學習障礙學生的各課程領域或特殊需求課程。 三、 本教學方案之三位參與個案,在不同單元表現情形不一,多能達到教學目標。對本理財教學方案多持正面看法,有的曾與同學分享學習經驗。 四、 三位參與的學習障礙個案各有覺得好使用的CoRT組織思考法,其中辨識法、比較法、選擇法為三位參與學生皆認為熟悉好用的思考法。其次有分析法、聚焦法。 最後根據研究結果,對本理財教學方案發展及教學活動題出建議,並提出未來研究建議。
This action research is formed because of the needs of realizing a finacial instruction program for the students with the Learning Disabilities(LD).Since the researcher has engaged in special education for years and hoped to develop a systematic financial instruction program to enhance financial knowledge of the students with LD to adapt for the career in the future. The four purposes of the research are those as follows: to explore the development of integrating the CoRT organizational thinking strategy into the financial instruction program, to observe the implementation of this program on the three selected students with LD , and to get a comprehension of their performance in the procedure .To discuss performance and intension of the students with LD while using the CoRT organization thinking strategy in the financial management learning is the last one purpose. The results of this study are concluded as follows: 1. The original development of a total of nine units with fourteen classes (four hundred and twenty minutes) is proposed being nine units with eighteen lessons (five hundred and forty minutes). And adding specific assessment criteria in the instruction program. 2. To observe the instruction program instruction process get the following conclusions: Depending on the prior knowledge of the students with LD , it is proposed that a teacher shall select the appropriate unit or adjust instruction order of the unit in the finacial instruction program into the curriculum for the students with LD ;more instruction time is needed in some of the units ; the design of appling activities in the instruction program is supposed to be necessary so that students shall get more familiar with the content;this program is appropriate for ninth grade students with LD, it would be fine to integrate the fitting content into the Learning Field for the other grades with LD, just depening on their prior knowledge;the use of multimedia equipment and appropriate learning aids enable students with LD to maintain their interest in learning finacial management; making use of computing strategy via internet reduce interference from LD in students’ financial management learning; this instruction program establishes a link for the students with LD between their career exploration and future life ; integrating the CoRT organization thinking strategy provides students guidelines to learn how to solve financial problems; the finacial instruction program is well-structured and can be systematically applied to the various Learning Fields or to Special-Needs Learning Fields for students with LD in junoir high school. 3.Three participant students’s performance differs greatly from each other in each units of the instruction program.Most of them can reach the instruction targets of the units. Two of them also hold positive attitude on this financial instruction program and two of them ever shared learning experience with their peers. Each of the three participant students wih LD has positive comments on different CoRT organization thinking strategy,in which is considered by all as the best well-used are RECONGNISE, COMPARE,SELECT,and in which is considered by two of them as the best well-used are ANALYZE and FOCUS. According to the results of the research, the researcher gives some advise about how to modify this finacial instruction program and instructions.Finally, Some suggestions about related research in the future are offered by the researcher.
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