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Title: 友達卡的開發及其融入於國中生友誼價值澄清團體輔導之行動研究
An Action Research On the Development of Tomodachi Cards and the Utilization of Tomodachi Cards in Group Guidance to Clarify the Value of Junior High Students' Friendship
Authors: 潘裕豐
Pan, Yu-Fong
Chiu, Shu-Ping
Keywords: 友達卡
Tomodachi cards
Values clarification
Group Guidance
Action Research
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討友達卡的開發及其融入於國中生友誼價值澄清團體輔導的歷程。「友達卡」為我自創之友誼價值澄清牌卡,「友達」一詞源於日文「朋友」之漢字,取其「友誼達成」之中文意涵。本研究針對八名國中八年級學生,進行每週一次,每次九十分鐘,連續八次的團體輔導,透過行動研究的方式發展友達卡與執行團體方案,並於動態歷程中反思修正團體方案與實施方式,藉由分析團體觀察記錄、研究者省思札記、錄音資料、訪談紀錄、與諍友的討論紀錄與成員回饋表等多元資料,探討友達卡在友誼價值團體輔導中的功能及成員參與團體之後的成長。 本研究獲得以下結論: 一、友達卡融入於友誼價值澄清團體輔導方案,依團體生命歷程與友誼價值澄清形成階段,建構出三大主要活動。 二、友達卡適合與圖像式的卡片搭配運用於國中生友誼價值澄清團體輔導。 三、友達卡的向度分類與層次具有彈性,尊重成員的主觀的友誼定義 四、團體帶領者覺察自身價值中立及營造安全且尊重的團體氛圍,有助於成員之友誼價值澄清。 五、友達卡在友誼價值澄清團體輔導中扮演重要媒介。 六、團體成員參與友達卡團體輔導有其正向成長。 最後,根據研究發現與結論,對輔導工作者以及未來研究者提出建議。
The thesis is aimed to explore the development of tomodachi cards and to scrutinize the process where tomodachi cards are utilized to help junior high students with the values clarification of their friendship. The Japanese term tomodachi means’ friendship’ and is written as 友達 in Chinese character. The author of the paper takes the literal meaning of友達, the establishment of friendship, and creates tomodachi cards for values clarification of friendship. In the study, the subjects of the study, eight eighth-grade students participated in a ninety-minute group guidance once a week for eight consecutive weeks. The development of tomodachi cards and the conduct of group guidance are achieved through this action research. By analyzing group observational notes, self-reflections records of the author, audio recordings, interviews, and feedback from the participants, the author evaluates the functions of tomodachi cards in group guidance and the improvement of the subjects after participation. The results of this study shows that, first, three major activities are formed in correspondance with the stages in group development and in the formation of values clarification of friendship in this program. Second, it is appropriate to combine image-based cards with tomodachi cards in the values clarification group guidance of junior high students’ friendship. Third, there is flexibility in the dimensional classification and levels of tomodachi cards; the subjective definitions of friendship by the members in the program are respected. Additionally, if the group leaders are aware of his or her value-neutral position and create an atmosphere of safety and respect, it’s helpful for the group members to clarify the value of friendship. Moreover, tomodachi cards act as significant media in the group guidance to clarify the value of friendship. Furthermore, it is found that tomodachi-card group guidance exert positive influence on the participants involved. At the end of the thesis, the author provides suggestion for school counselors and future researchers on the basis of her findings in the study.
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