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Title: 從「權力轉移」概念探討中國與美國在亞太地區戰略互動
The Strategic Interaction between China and the U.S. in the Asia-Pacific Region: A Perspective of“Power Transition”
Authors: 關弘昌
Kuan, Hung-Chang
Song, Xiao-Chuan
Keywords: 權力轉移
power transition
United States
Sino - U.S. relations
Asia-Pacific region
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 歷史上「崛起國」與「霸權國」之間發生的「權力轉移」現象推動著國際政治的發展。而中國和美國作爲亞太地區最重要的兩個國家 ,彼此關係與互動深刻的影響了亞太地區的戰略環境。自冷戰結束以來,中國在國際影響力、經濟以及軍事等「硬實力」方面與美國的差距有所減少。中國與美國正在發生的「權力轉移」現象也是值得分析和研究的熱門話題。 而中美之間的「權力轉移」對於亞太地區熱點問題的影響也是顯而易見的。舉例而言:朝鮮半島局勢、台灣問題以及南海問題無一不受中美關係所影響。在可預見的未來,中美關係依然會維持競爭與合作的態勢,而兩國之間關係的穩定發展對於維持亞太區域和平以及熱點問題的解決無疑是至關重要的。
The “power transition” between the “rising power” and “hegemonic power” in history pushes forward the development of international politics. As the two most powerful countries in the Asia-Pacific region, China and the United States and their bilateral relations have influenced the Asia-Pacific region deeply. Since the end of the Cold War, China has strengthened its power and reduced the gap with the United States in terms of the “hard power” of international politics, i.e. economic and military power. The “power transition” between China and the United States is in progress and thus becomes a topic that deserves further research. It is also evident that the “power transition” between China and the United States has great impact on the Asia-Pacific region: the situation on the Korean peninsula, the Taiwan issue, and the South China Sea issue are all affected by Sino - U.S. relations. In the foreseeable future, Sino - U.S. relations will still maintain both competitive and cooperative. The stable development of Sino - U.S. relation is undoubtedly crucial to solving the“hot issues”and maintaining the peace of the Asia-Pacific region.
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