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Title: 1930—40年代師陀小說中的女性人物之研究
A Study of Female Character in Novels Written by Shi Tuo in 1930-1940s
Authors: 鄭怡庭
Zhen, Yi-Ting
Shi Cheng
Keywords: 師陀
Shi Tuo
Female Characters
Beijing literature
Leftist literature
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 師陀是位具有獨特創作個性的作家,與京派、左翼文學有著千絲萬縷的聯繫,卻不參加任何文學陣營。孤獨使他保持冷靜的思索,使其積極吸收各家之長,悄然形成自己獨特的藝術風格。文化環境和成長經歷帶給他創傷性體驗,但面對黑暗的現實世界,文化啟蒙的使命感使他沒有選擇逃避,而是將中國真實的狀態展現給眾人。師陀在文壇上默默地耕耘,創作出眾多題材的優秀作品,給中國現代文學史帶來一道獨特的風景。 本論文以1930—40年代師陀小說中的女性人物為研究,運用文本細讀分析與比較等方法,以揭示師陀小說創作中的女性人物形象,及其對女性人物命運的關照與情懷。第一章緒論說明論文研究動機與目的、研究方法及目前的研究現狀;第二章將以晚晴至民國早期的歷史文化背景為主,簡略探討女性人物在五四時期男女作家筆下的文學敘述;第三章則探析師陀在1930年代的文學創作背景,並通過文本細讀分析師陀小說中女性人物的刻畫,以及這一時期師陀文學書寫的藝術風格;第四章承接第三章,探析1940年代師陀的時空背景,以及這一時期他筆下的女性人物及其敘事風格;第五章結語概括總結本論文。
Shi Tuo is a writer with a unique literature style. He has a close link with Beijing literature and leftist literature, but does not participate in any literary camp. Loneliness makes him think calmly. He actively absorbs merits from various masters, then he forms his unique artistic style. Cultural environment and life experience bring Shi Tuo traumatic experience. Facing the dark realities of the world he doesn't choose to shirk. He has historical mission of the cultural enlightenment to show the real status of China to everyone. Shi Tuo work silently in the literary world, to create outstanding works of many subjects. He is a unique scenery of Modern Literature. This paper studies the female characters in Shi Tuo's novels from 1930s to 1940s. This paper uses the methods of text analysis and comparison. Chapter one introduces the motivation, purpose, methods and current research status of the thesis. Chapter two focus on the background and briefly discuss the literary narration of female characters in the May 4th period. Chapter three analyzes the description of female characters in Shi Tuo's novels and the artistic style in the 1930s. Chapter four carries on Chapter three, as well as the female characters in his novels and his creation styles in the 1940s. Chapter five summarizes the conclusion of this thesis.
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