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Title: 臺灣學生在上海-留學經驗對政治態度影響之研究
Taiwanese Students in Shanghai: the Influence of Overseas Study Experience on Political Attitudes
Authors: 關弘昌
Kuan, Hung-Chang
Tsou, Ya-Ting
Keywords: 臺生
Taiwanese Students
Social Contact
National Identity
Cross-Strait Relations
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 「青年世代」在兩岸關係中已成為一股不容小覷的新興政治力量。本研究探討赴中國大陸攻讀學位的臺灣青年學子,在意識形態、社會氛圍完全不同的環境下,學習、生活長達幾年以上,對於中國大陸的印象認知,及其個人的政治態度、身份認同,是否會因為長時間的接觸、互動而有所轉變。本研究根據Allport的接觸假說以及Tajfel和Turner的社會認同理論,對上海臺生進行深度訪談,研究發現旅中臺生在長時間與當地學生交流接觸後,個人原有的偏見確實有減少與改善,符合接觸假說所強調,當雙方目標地位相同,接觸能夠帶來良性的發展;對中國大陸政府及中國共產黨的印象與認知,也有正向的理解。但在政治態度的部分並未出現明顯的轉變,多數臺生雖然同意兩岸一家親的說法,卻並不贊成兩岸走向統一,長時間的生活學習也並未改變旅中臺生的個人身份認同。
Taiwanese young generation has become an emerging political force that cannot be ignored in cross-strait relations. This research targets at Taiwanese students who study in Mainland China for years for an academic degree and analyzes whether their perception of China, political attitudes towards unification and independence, and national identity are changed after long-time contacts and interactions with local students. According to the interviews with Taiwanese students in Shanghai, this study discovers that after such exchanges and contacts, their prejudice against China has been reduced significantly, a result conforming to Allport's “contact hypothesis” that contacts lead to improved relations among groups sharing a common goal. The study also finds that these students’ impression of the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has also improved. However, little change is seen in their political attitudes. Although most of them agree that “People on both sides of the Taiwan Strait are all of one family,” none supports the idea that Taiwan should unify with China. Their long-time living and studying experiences in China do not change their national identity.
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