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Title: 台灣與韓國移民及外籍勞工政策比較
A Comparison on Immigrantion Policy between Taiwan and Korea
Authors: 楊聰榮
Edwin Yang
Bowei Chiang
Lee, Hyo-Jin
Keywords: 移民政策
Immigration policy
Overseas Chinese
New immigrant
Foreign spouse
Comparison of Taiwan and Korea
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本研究之目的為從多元面向了解韓國與台灣的移民及外籍勞工政策,主要是透過法規及相關措施來關注外來人口的政策與困境,並討論兩國移民發展的現況。本論文的架構包括臺灣與韓國兩地的移民的歷史、政策變遷、現行移民政策及移民現況,兼及於外籍勞工相關移居政策。本研究討論的範圍包含簽證、勞工保險、居住、語言的困境、職業傷害、婚姻暴力等問題,著重在法律相關的規定與具體的作法。論文中也將提到,新移民者目前在兩國所面臨的問題,並且提出如何改進現況的方法。. 韓國與台灣的移民情況有相同的地方也有相異之處,韓國過去認為自己是單一民族,長期移居韓國的外來者主要是韓國華僑,到了近年來的發展就是各地的新移民都有。台灣與韓國社會變遷很相似,但是基本原則有差異,台灣移民政策是多元化政策,而韓國移民政策是同化政策,比較兩國政策,台灣對新住民或外國人的政策、移民法律、福利方面,與韓國比較顯得比較開放。在文化上,韓國強調以韓國固有的文化為本位,新住民所受到的關注比較有限,相對而言,台灣社會對新住民文化的包容力較強,文化上包容新住民、原住民、華人、日本、歐美文化等融合在一起,相對來說對於新住民的文化比較尊重。
The aim of this study is to investigate the history of immigrants to Korea. By understanding the policies and obstacles of foreign laborers, the author presents the present situation of immigrants in Korea in comparison to immigration policies and context in Taiwan, and explains challenges foreigners face in Korea. It is hoped that the study can provide a reference for expectant immigrants to Korea in order to increase their living standards and quality of life. The structure of the study includes: the development of immigrant policies in Taiwan, the trend of immigrants in Taiwan, the present policy of immigrants in Taiwan, the development of immigrant policies in Korea, the trend of immigrants in Korea, the present policy of immigrants in Korea, and a comparison of immigrant policies in Taiwan and Korea. It is argued that the most urgent problems for immigrants in Korea are from policies for immigrants, including visas, labor insurance, livings, language obstacles, work injuries, and violence in marriages. Some proposed solutions are changes of policies, the establishment of and help from non-governmental organizations, and simplification of visa applications. Social changes in Taiwan and Korea are pretty similar. But policies toward new residents or foreigners, immigrant laws and social welfare in Taiwan are much more open than in Korea. The policies toward immigrants in Taiwan are multifaceted, but the policy toward immigrants in Korea is assimilation. Sometimes, in order to protect the lifestyles of our fellow countrymen, we easily fall short of caring about the lives of new residents. Taiwan is composed of Taiwanese aboriginals, Chinese, Japanese, and Europeans. The international movement of people arises from human need. The author proposes that multifaceted policies could be more powerful and attractive. Policies of the government should be formed in accordance with the opinions of the majority of citizens, but we should still remember rights of smaller groups. We should remember past events in order not to repeat the mistakes of history.
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