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Title: 選區劃分對政黨生態之影響--以台北市為例
A Case Study of Affection of Relationships between The Legislator Electoral Districts and The Ecology of Political Parties in Taipei
Authors: 曲兆祥 博士
Dr. Paul Chao-hsiang Chu
Hui-Ching Chen
Keywords: 複數選區單記不可讓渡選舉制度
Single Non-Transferable Vote(SNTV-MMD)
electoral system
Single -Member -member District and Proportional Representation System
electoral district
ecology of political parties
Two-Party System
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 有鑑於複數選區單記非讓渡投票制對我國政治造成的影響,進行單一選區兩票制成為我國國會改革的新方向。然而隨著選舉制度的變動而引發選區之變動,之中所牽連的層面與產生之影響性甚大,因此,在面對複雜的選區重新劃分,定要有一公正的制度以減少異議,達到落實改革的精神,因此如何將此一涉及高度政治性、爭議性之工作的爭議降至最低,將是我國推動政治改革的第一步。 本論文選擇以台北市做為研究之對象,探討選區劃分對政黨生態將產生之影響,並藉由分析德、日兩國實施的經驗,作為我國在執行選區劃分之參考,最後並試著預測台北市在經歷選區重劃後,可能形成的政黨生態,是否會走向兩黨制之發展。
In view of Multi-Member-District, Single Non-Transferable Vote causes much influences, the Single-Member-District and Proportional Representation System becomes the new direction of legislature reform these yeas in Taiwan. However, transform the election system has brought some effects. For this reason, in order to come to the political reformation, it must be without fear or favor when they enforce the district-dividing. Therefore, how to reduce the problem to come into existence,is the first step in the political reformation. This thesis deeply discusses how to practice the district-dividing in Taipei by looking into the experience of two countries(Germany and Japan),excising the Single-Member-District and Proportional Representation System. And then try to divination the party system changed into the Two-Party System in Taipei.
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