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Title: 南宋四川總領所地位的演變
Other Titles: The Change of Status of Sichuan Zonglingsuo in Southern Song Dynasty: Based on the Relations between Zonglingsuo and Xuanfu Shi, Zhizhi Shi
Authors: 雷家聖
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2009
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學歷史硏究所
National Taiwan Normal University Department of History
Abstract: 南宋高宗建炎年間,川陝宣撫使張浚曾以趙開「專一總領四川財賦」,一般認為是四川總領所的先聲。高宗紹興十五年正式設置四川總領所,主要的目的在於提供御前諸軍財賦,並分宣撫使之權,達到「軍政權、財賦權分立」的目的,這一情形一直持續到孝宗時期。然而到了寧宗時,因韓侂冑開禧北伐的需要,將四川總領隸屬於宣撫使之下。開禧北伐失敗後,這種隸屬關係仍然持續著,直到總領王釜再度重申與制置司分立的立場。然而,隨著宋金、宋蒙戰爭的持續,御前諸軍已失去重要地位,總領所的理財功能也無法滿足龐大的軍費需求。淳祐二年四川制置使余玠兼任總領,象徵著四川總領所名存實亡。
From 1129 to 1135, Sichuan and Shaanxi Xuanfu shi Zhang jung authorized Zhao kai to manage Sichuan's finances. Zho kai was the pioneer of Sichuan logistics officer. In 1145, Zonglingsuo was established formally in order to divide the power of Xuanfu shi. This situation was continued to Emperor Xiaozong of Song. In the period of Emperor Ningzong of Song, the logistics officer was subordinate to Xuanfu shi due to the need for Northern Expedition (1206). After the Northern Expedition, the relation did not changed until Wang fu became the logistics officer. When the Song-Jin and Song-Mongols wars took place, the logistics officer could not satisfied the need of finances. In 1242, The logistics officer was subordinate to Zhizhi shi, Yu jie. Sichuan Zonglingsuo became in name only.
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