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Title: 學者作家曾永義散文風格初探
Other Titles: A Scholar-Writer, Tseng, Yong-yi's Essay Writing Style
Authors: 陳義芝
Chen, I-chih
Issue Date: Mar-2017
Publisher: 國文系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 曾永義為臺灣中央研究院院士,除以戲曲研究貢獻於學界,亦寫作散文、新編劇本,發揮學術以外的影響力。本文以「學者作家」身分論之,查閱他已出版的八冊散文集,從古典起興、文化風情、名義辨析、逍遙本性、生命本體形塑等多重角度,論說曾氏散文代表作的風格,歸結於知識分子對公共事務的關懷、對寫作技藝的重視,及「學者亦為創作者」的傳統至今未絕。
Tseng Yong-Yi, Academician - Humanity & Social Science of Academia Sinica, an achieved scholar in traditional Chinese opera, is also a prominent essayist and playwright who is influential not only within the academic community but also in the public. Based on his scholar-writer status, and from the viewpoints of the classical Chinese poetics, the cultural landscape, the verbal definition/ analysis, the nature of lightheartedness and the shaping of life identity, this essay goes through his eight books of essays to study his writing style, leading to a recognition of his social concerns as an intellectual, and the undying ‘scholar as creative writer’ tradition.
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