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Title: 「乾嘉衍派,章黃嫡傳」 ──石禪先生潘重規教授《論語今注》特色析論
Other Titles: “Qian Jia Derivative Sect, Zhang Huang Lineage”──Commentary on the Characteristics of The Modern Notes about the Analects of Confucius by Mr.Shi Chan, Professor Pan, Chong-gui
Authors: 賴貴三
Lai, Kuei-san
Issue Date: Sep-2017
Publisher: 國文系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 石禪先生潘重規(1908-2003)教授為國府遷臺(1949)後,臺灣國學界公認的第一代大師,早年師從章炳麟(太炎,1869-1936)、黃侃(季剛,1886-1935),深習文字、聲韻、訓詁小學,旁及經子詩詞、《紅樓夢》考證,尤於敦煌學蜚聲國際。其學真積力久,涵養湛厚;其人「卑以自牧」,可謂「謙謙君子」。自民國四十年(1951)底,授課之餘,應臺灣師大人文學社「國學講座」之請,於禮堂親講四書經義,傳播倫理道德,闡揚傳統文化,匯成《論語今注》,為其講授四書的精心力作。全書以精簡流暢的白話文,逐篇逐句進行註釋,闡發《論語》要義,深入淺出、鞭辟入裡,具有「辨章考鏡,引證詳確」、「注解清晰,簡明扼要」與「紮基深厚,推求根本」的特色,實為初習《論語》學子最佳入門體道用書。
Mr. Shi Chan, Professor Pan, Chong-gui (1908-2003) is the great master recognized by Taiwanese Academics in the first generation after the KMT country moved to Taiwan (1949). He was taught and disciplined by Zhang, Bing-lin (Tai Yan, 1869-1936), Huang, Kan (Ji Gang, 1886 -1935) in his youth. He deeply studied in the learnings of Chinese characters, linguistics, semantics, Classics, philosophy, poetry, etc. Besides he has excellently researched about The Dream of Red Chambers, especially he was the most famous international scholar in Dunhuang Xue. The study of the many dimentions for a long time, he owned the plentiful and prosperous wisdom and he became the modest gentleman in public area. Since 1951, he was invited to lecture about the Four Books in National Taiwan Normal University. Then he wrote The Modern Notes about the Analects of Confucius and published in his late life. The characteristics of the book are smooth, vernacular and streamlining, he commented one by one sentence an delucidated the essential meaning of the Analects of Confucius. His notes have three fundamental features, the first is easy to be understanded with discernment examination, the second detailed citation, the third clear and concise interpretation. In fact, the book can become the first entry and best study of the Analects of Confucius.
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