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Title: 中途失明成人復原力展現歷程暨運作模式之建構
Other Titles: The Construction of Working Models for the Capacity for Resilience in Adults with Acquired Blindness
Authors: 郭孟瑜
Meng-Yu Kuo
Hung-Chih Lin
Issue Date: Nov-2009
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育學系
National Taiwan Normal University Department of Special Education
Abstract: 本研究的主要目的在於探討中途失明成人的復原力展現歷程,分析其展現復原力的影響因素與運作模式,以及瞭解其復原力的展現情形。本研究係採用質化研究取向的紮根理論研究法,透過合目標取樣的方式,選取16位年齡介於20歲至60歲之間,適應良好的中途失明成人為研究對象,以深度訪談做為主要的資料蒐集來源,而蒐集所得資料再藉由整合性電腦輔助質化資料分析軟體-Nudist 6.0,進行研究資料的譯碼與分析。本研究的重要研究發現歸納如下:1.中途失明成人的復原力展現歷程有其階段性任務與階段性挑戰;2.個人系統、家庭系統及社會系統的角色與功能皆會影響中途失明成人的復原力展現;3.動力因子、阻力因子、助力因子及因應方式會交互影響中途失明成人的復原力展現;4.中途失明成人的復原力展現需仰賴個體內外在資源的交互運作;5.中途失明成人的復原力展現結果是成長與回饋。
The main purposes of this study were to explore the capacity for resilience in adults with acquired blindness, to analyze the factors correlated with this resilience, to construct working models of such resilience in these adults, and to better understand their situation. To achieve these purposes, the study adopted a grounded theory approach to qualitative research. 16 well-adjusted adults with acquired blindness, aged 20 to 60 years, were selected as samples through purposive sampling. By means of in-depth interviews, the study collected the necessary data. Research data was then encoded and analyzed by Nudist 6.0. The main findings of the study were as follows: (1) there were different tasks and challenges in each of the various stages of ”resilience” for adults with acquired blindness; (2) the roles of individual, family and society had a definite impact on the resilience of these adults; (3) motivational factors, obstructive factors, helpful factors and coping strategies interactively influenced the resilience of these adults; (4) this resilience depended on the interaction between and among individuals’ internal and external resources; and (5) becoming mature and helping others were central to the final stages of resilience for adults with acquired blindness.
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