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Title: 文學鑑賞與歷史詮釋:陳寅恪批評觀念探析
Other Titles: Literary Appreciation and Historical Interpretation: An Analysis of Chen, Yin-ke's Ideas of Criticism
Authors: 李貴生
Lee, Kwai-sang
Issue Date: Dec-2017
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 陳寅恪別樹一幟的文史互證法,在中國文學研究的領域內一直有廣泛而深遠的影響。然而自錢鍾書對他的著作提出尖銳的批評後,不少學者開始強調陳寅恪所做的只是歷史研究,與文學無關,鮮有認真正視陳氏對文學和文學批評的看法。割裂陳寅恪與文學的關係,不但不符合陳氏對一己著述的理解,還模糊了他在20世紀中國文學研究史上的實際位置。針對這種偏頗的意見,本文首先回顧錢鍾書的評論,繼而考察文學與歷史在陳氏研究中所佔的位置,並逐一探討歷史與文本解讀、文學鑑賞之間的關係,以期全面和客觀地評估陳寅恪在文學領域內的意義和貢獻。
Chen, Yin-ke's distinctive approach, which is called mutual verification between literature and history, have extensive and far-reaching influence on Chinese literary studies. However, since Qian, Zhong-shu's harsh criticism of his works, many scholars tended to emphasize that Chen's voluminous works were only studies of history, which has nothing to do with literature. Almost none of them seriously consider his views on literature and literary criticism. Isolating Chen from the field of literature is not only inconsistent with his own understanding of his works, but also obscures his standing in the history of Chinese literature studies in the 20th century. With regard to such kind of opinions, this paper first reviews the comments made by Qian, Zhong-shu, then examines the positioning of literature and history in Chen's study, and explores the relationship between history and textual interpretation as well as literary appreciation, so as to comprehensively and objectively evaluate Chen, Yin-ke's significance and contribution in the field of literature.
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