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Title: 唐代〈月令〉組詩的物候感知與地誌書寫
Other Titles: The performance of phenological perception and landscape writing of Yue-ling’s sequential poetry in Tang dynasty
Authors: 廖美玉
Liao, Mei-yu
Issue Date: Dec-2015
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 先民生活經驗累積的月令物候知識,除了運用在施政上,發展出天文、曆法的持續觀測與修訂,使自然物候與社會生活始終保持緊密的互動關係。而月令物候知識的普及,除了攸關農業生產的農書,以及社交活動、人情往來的書儀等應用文書外,藉由詩歌傳唱所發揮的教習功能,南北朝已出現〈月令〉組詩,入唐而尤有長足發展,從敦煌的民間傳唱,至中唐的文人社群,再到李賀洛陽府試的應試詩,在時間上綿延了二、三百年,地域上跨越了江南、敦煌與洛陽。本文分別從「月令物候知識體系的傳播與教習」、「民間〈月令〉組詩:在物候流轉中顯影的征婦群體」、「中唐文人集體創作的〈狀江南〉與〈憶長安〉」與「李賀〈十二月樂詞〉所映現的都會性與物候期」四個面向加以探究,尤其著重發揮人地關係的地誌書寫特性,映現出特定地理區域的自然物候、日常生活與社會文化,在傳統的地理志、方志、風俗志等文獻記述之外,為區域地誌提供了更為豐富的面向。
Ancient Chinese learn the knowledge of seasonal phenology from living experiences. They not only apply the knowledge to politics but also develop astronomy and calendar. Thus, natural phenology and social life maintains highly interaction through long-term revision and observation. Besides, it also influences many fields, such as books on agriculture, etiquette and poetry. The Yue-ling’s sequential poetry prevailed in six dynasties, and flourished in Tang dynasty. These poets include intellectuals and commoner, and spread in Jiang Nan, Dunhuang and Luo Yang around hundreds of years. This study was divided into four realms. First, it discussed the spread and the teaching of the knowledge of seasonal phenology. Second, it elaborated the poetry about those women abandoned by war in Yue-ling’s sequential poetry. Third, it reveals that literates inscribe poem like “Describing Jiang Nan” and “Remembering Chang An” collectively. Fourth, it discussed the capitalization and phenological period in Li he’s poem. It especially focused on the relation between human and nature, such as everyday life, culture and customs. After all, it provides more aspects in regional landscape writing.
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