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Title: 清代《御選唐詩》與《唐宋詩醇》的選詩傾向及李杜詩形象比較
Other Titles: A study on the poem-selecting preferences of YuxuanTangshi and Yuxuan Tang Song Shichunin the Qing Dynasty and how that affect Du Fu’s and Li Po’s image
Authors: 陳美朱
Chen, Mei-chu
Issue Date: Dec-2014
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本文以清代康熙朝詞臣所編選的《御選唐詩》,與乾隆時的《唐宋詩醇》進行比較,乃基於兩者同為清代皇室「御選」的詩歌選本,加以兩書皆倡導「溫柔敦厚」的詩教觀,若能就兩書進行比較研究,當能深入理解這兩部被收錄於《四庫全書》,卻罕為學界關注的詩歌選本特色。至於選擇李白與杜甫作為觀察對象,則是鑑於李白、杜甫兩家詩作,分別是《御選唐詩》與《唐宋詩醇》中被選錄數量最多的詩家,且李、杜詩在兩部選本中有大量交集的選詩情形,若能分析李、杜兩家詩在《御選唐詩》與《唐宋詩醇》中被選錄數量與詩作題目,不僅能深入理解兩部詩歌選本的特質,也能據以觀察李、杜兩家詩在清代兩部御選詩歌選本下被形塑的樣貌。本文擬先概述清代兩部御選詩集的編選理念與刊布流傳,再比較李白、杜甫兩家詩在兩部御選詩集的選錄數量,並就詩題的「交集處」與「非交集處」進行比較,從中探討李、杜兩家詩在兩部選本中的共通性與特殊性,進而釐析這兩部清代御選詩集選李、杜詩的偏重點與差異緣由,並據以延伸探討此一差異對康、乾兩朝詩壇領袖──王士禛與沈德潛之唐詩選本選李、杜詩所造成的影響。
The two books, YuxuanTangshicompiled by Kangxi andYuxuan Tang Song Shichuncompiled by Qianlong, were made according to the benign and gentle poetic natures. To compare the two books may realize the rarely-focused poetic features by which they were adopted inSikuchunsu.As for the reason to choose the poems of LiBai and Du Fu for the study is that their poems were numerously collected in the two books. By contrasting the quantities of Li’s and Du’s poems in YuxuanTangshi and Yuxuan Tang Song Shichunand theirpoetic themesnot only assists to know the features of the two books but also figures out how Li’s and Du’s poems were interpreted in these two compilations. This study plans to compare the quantities of Li’s and Du’s poems inYuxuanTangshi and Yuxuan Tang Song Shichun and the similarities and differences of their poetic themes to realize the poems in what poetic qualitiesthe two books would select in.
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