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Title: 陳祚明之情辭觀及其蕭綱詩評
Other Titles: Chen, Zuo-ming’s Viewpoint of Emotions and Phrase Structure, and His Analysis in Xiao Gang’s Poetry
Authors: 鄭婷尹
Cheng, Ting-yin
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 陳祚明《采菽堂古詩選》乃清初被忽略卻獨具隻眼的詩評專著,其評蕭綱詩便極富特色。該書透過作意、致、雅、雋、情景等主題彰顯蕭詩價值:作意論可見陳對構思痕跡並不排斥;尚細膩闡釋蕭詩生動、意韻與「致」之間的關連;復由安莊、善言等角度談蕭詩之雅,以流動、新巧而不尖銳論蕭詩之雋,俱與前此對蕭詩淫靡浮豔的刻板印象不同。情景議題因受巧細摹物之尋常印象左右,加以其情又多受宮體汙名連累,故蕭詩詩評於情景的論述甚少,陳祚明卻指出蕭詩於此之細膩表現,使我們對蕭詩的理解更顯豐厚。蕭詩向來被認為辭過綺靡而情不脫宮體之狹隘範圍,然透過上述探討可以發現,陳氏尚藉由適切的字句分析揭露蕭詩的各式情意,蕭詩之情思內涵因此得到拓廣;而陳氏之情辭觀亦能由此具體而清晰地展現。
Cai Shu Tang Ancient Poetry Selection is a book about comments on poetry which is worth discussing. In this book, we can see the special viewpoint on Xiao Gang’s poems, link the discussion about the subject on the making idea, the aroma with new idea, elegant , the concept with smooth, skillful and not sharp. By analyzing the opinions of Chen, Zuo-ming, we can find that Xiao Gang’s poems are not just gorgeous in appearance and the description don't limit to the life of palace. Chen, Zuo-ming explained every kind of emotion by analyzing words and phrases properly. All of these can broaden not only the form but also the thoughtfulness of Xiao Gang’s poems.
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