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Title: 環境賦使知覺研究之實踐與展望
Past Practice and Future Prospect of the Affordances Perception Researches
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-May-2013
Publisher: 臺灣運動心理學會
Abstract: 環境賦使是生態心理學領域探討人類動作行為的重要議題之一,本文針對以生態觀點為主要研究手段,而且具代表性的期刊:Ecological Psychology,篩選1989-2012 年有關環境賦使知覺的實證性論文,經文獻回顧與分析,進而萃取環境賦使的研究典範、實驗設計、與重要發現,從反思的角度檢視過去研究的優劣之處,並且提出未來研究的方向。本文共篩選出43 篇環境賦使知覺的實證性研究,經逐篇分析內容後提出結語兩點:(一)環境賦使知覺在生態觀點研究中占有較高的比例,但是對理論基礎的解釋與辯證外,仍須提出更多的實驗證據,以達成對環境賦使概念的共識;(二)探討動作行為與環境賦使知覺,主要以視知覺做為檢核標的,其他像觸動覺與聽覺等知覺管道的研究仍有待拓展。在探討知覺動作發展或個體與環境互動的研究中,多數以成年人為研究對象,且著重在單一個體的知覺,故探究老年人的知覺環境賦使,以及人際之間互動的議題都是未來值得發展的方向;環境賦使知覺已提出部份關於動作控制與動作發展的證據,然而在動作學習的課題方面較缺乏實證研究,若能整合知覺知悉的理論基礎持續發展,生態心理學將能更全面地解釋人類的動作行為。
Affordances are one of critical issues about human motor behavior in the field of ecological psychology. This paper emphasized on the empirical affordances perception studies that were found from the representative journal of Ecological Psychology. This paper also showed the research paradigm, experimental designs, and major findings. Also, this paper showed the direction of future research from 1989 to 2011. The content analyses revealed the following two summaries. (1) Affordances perception issue displayed high percentage in ecological approach studies. More experimental evidences are expected for better interpreting the idea of affordance in theoretical basis; (2) Visual perception was found main target of examinations in motor behavior and affordance perception studies. Target of examination such as haptic and auditory perception need to be expended. Adult participants were mostly recruited in the perceptual-motor development studies, which emphasized individual perception. The issues related to the perceiving affordances for elder adults and intrapersonal interaction are worthy to be developed in the future. Affordances perception has showed some evidences related to motor control and motor development. However, it needs more evidences in motor learning. Ecological psychology will account for motor behavior more completely if it combines the theoretical basis of perceptual learning.
ISSN: 1814-5108
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_F0111_01_075
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