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Title: 選修游泳課女大學生的體型不滿意度與社會體型焦慮
Social Physique Anxiety and Body Dissatisfaction of Female University Students in Elective Swimming Courses
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2010
Publisher: 中華民國大專院校體育總會
Abstract: 本研究主要探討大學女生在游泳池情境下,其身體質量指數(body mass index, BMI)與體型不滿意度之關聯,以及不同等級之BMI與體型不滿意度,在社會體型焦慮上的差異。經立意取樣選取5所大學選修游泳課的大學女生(共242名,平均年齡19.8+1.0歲),於學期末施以社會體型焦慮量表及體型不滿意度量表;資料以卡方檢定、獨立樣本二因子變異數分析及薛費法進行分析,獲得以下結果:一、BMI和體型不滿意度有關聯;BMI為理想群的大學女生,在體型不滿意程度有13.9%屬於輕度,32.2%為中度,24.9%為高度;二、高度自我體型不滿意的大學女生在社會體型焦慮顯著高於輕度與中度體型不滿意者。根據結果,本研究發現多數的大學女生在游泳池情境中仍具有不切實際追求纖細體型傾向;高度自我體型不滿意與社會體型焦慮有緊密關聯。最後針對擔憂他人評量身材所產生的負面心理壓力,提出實務應用及後續研究之相關建議。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between body mass index (BMI) and body dissatisfaction in the swimming pool contexts of university female students, and to determine the differences between various levels of BMI and body dissatisfaction in social physique anxiety (SPA). Two-hundred and forty-two university female students (aged: 19.8+1.0) from five colleges in Taiwan, whom selected swimming as physical education class were participated in this study. SPA inventory and body dissatisfaction inventory data were obtained at the end of the semester. Chi-Square, Independent two-way ANOVA and Scheffe methods were used to analyze the data. The results were indicated as: 1. Correlation between BMI and body dissatisfaction was found for university female students with normal BMI. Body dissatisfaction was considered at various levels, light (13.9%), moderate (32.2%) and high (24.9%). 2. University female students who have high body dissatisfaction had significantly higher level of SPA than light and moderate groups. It was concluded that most of university female students express an unrealistic desire to be thin. Highly perceived in body dissatisfaction is the important factor related to SPA. Therefore, suggestions based on practical application proposed further research to decrease negative stress caused by others’ evaluation on their physiques.
ISSN: 1563-3470
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_F0111_01_068
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