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Title: 情境壓力對籃球罰球投籃例行動作行為一致性與準確性的影響
Effects of Situational Stress on the Preshot Routines Consistency and Shooting Accuracy in Basketball Free Throw
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-May-2009
Publisher: 臺灣運動心理學會
Abstract: 目的:主要藉由系統觀察,探討比分差異帶來之情境壓力,對籃球罰球投籃例行動作行爲的內容、一致性與準確性的影響。方法:研究資料篩選自7場的職業籃球冠亞軍總決賽,以男子籃球選手罰球投籃動作之外顯行爲進行影帶觀察,並針對罰球投籃例行動作行爲內容和罰球投籃準確性加以分析,經重複量數單因子變異數分析考驗。結果:在三種比分差距情境下(0-4、5-9、10+),籃球員罰球投籃前例行動作行爲會有部分的變化與改變,六位觀察對象中僅有一位未因不同比分情境的差異而改變,例行動作行爲維持不變,比賽中比分差距所賦予情境的壓力,並未過度地造成籃球員例行動作行爲的變化,大部份在0-4和5-9比分差距情境下沒有做改變,只是做動作行爲順序上的變化,而在10以上比分差距情境則會加入其他的例行動作內容(如旋球、停頓);而在三種比分差距情境的例行動作行爲一致性結果爲F(2, 10)=.29(p>.05),準確性方面F(2, 10)=.21(p>.05),兩者皆未達到顯著差異。結論:罰球投籃前的例行動作行爲的順序與內容會受比分情境的影響;罰球投籃前例行動作行爲一致性和準確性未受到情境壓力的影響。
Purpose: This study was to examine the effects of situational stress on basketball preshot routines behaviors, preshot routines consistency and free throw accuracy via system observation. Methods: Observation via video tape was obtained during the 7 Chinese Basketball Alliance (CBA) play-off games. The measures included sequence of preshot routine, contents of preshort routine and free throw accuracy by different condition for every male player. The one-way repeated measures ANOVA tests was use to analyze data. Results: The finding was that the sequence and contents of preshot routine changed in the 3 conditions of scores. One of six players was maintained at constant level that caused pressure factors on different scores condition. The preshot routine showed no change in the 0-4 and 5-9 scores condition, but sequence of preshot routines had small variation. In above 10 scores condition, players added some content of routine (e.g., spin and pause). Furthermore, the consistency of preshot routines and free throw shooting accuracy were not significant under 3 conditions of scores F (2, 10) = .29 (p>.05; F (2, 10) = .21 (p>.05), . Conclusions: The sequence and contents of preshot routine partial changes that caused different scores condition pressure factors. However, neither preshot routines nor free throw accuracy was influenced by situational stress.
ISSN: 1814-5108
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_F0111_01_063
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