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Title: 5-12歲女童接球動作發展的年齡差異
Age Differences in Catching Development among Aged 5-12 Female Children
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-1998
Publisher: 中華民國體育學會
Abstract: 在動作發展的研究中,常以單一測驗情境來檢測動作技能,就動態系統的觀點而 言,個體、環境、和工作等三個限制的交互作用會影響個人的動作表現,所以單一測驗情境 的檢測結果能否代表個體真正的動作發展層次,頗值商榷。因此,本研究旨在檢驗:問題( 1 )不同環境限制下, 其動作發展的年齡差異為何﹖問題( 2 )在何種的環境限制下,所 得的動作發展趨勢, 最適於標示出接球動作發展的年齡差異﹖本研究之假說為:( 1 )在 不同環境限制之下,隨著年齡增長動作發展的層次也隨之增進; ( 2 )環境限制難度越高 ,動作表現的層次越低。48 名國小女童為實驗參加者,依照年齡分為 5、7、9、11 歲四組 ,分別錄影其接四種不同直徑( 7、17、27、37 公分)但重量相同( 500 公克)的球各 5 次之動作,根據修正後接球動作發展層次表進行評分,經評分者內與外之信度考驗後,再以 單因子變異數分析與敘述性頻次統計分析後,發現:不同的環境限制會引發不同的動作型式 ;動作發展的年齡差異亦不相同,其次是四種球中以相對較大球最能引發最佳動作表現,最 適於標示出接球動作發展的趨勢。
In motor development researches, single test condition has often been used to measure motor skill. According to the viewpoint of dynamical systems, motor performance is the result of the interactions among the constrains of individual, environment, and task. Thus, results of single test condition should be questioned about its represent action of the real motor developmental level of children. Two research questions were asked in this study:1) Were there the age-differences as a function of different environment conditions ﹖ 2) What environmental condition that could be used to measure the most appropriate motor developmental level ﹖ The hypotheses were 1) Under different environment conditions, the progress motor development level depended upon the increase of age, 2) As difficulty of environmental conditions are increased, the level of motor performance were degraded. Forty-eight female elementary schoolers served as participants (5,7,9 and 11 age-groups) in this study. Five catchings of four sizes of ball (diameter 7,17,27,37 cm; weight 500 g) were filmed. Modified Catching Development Levels was utilized to rate. Interrater and intra-rater reliability were also examined. One-way ANOVA and descriptive statistics revealed that 1) the environmental constrains affected the catching pattern, and 2) the relative larger size of ball could draw out the optimal catching performance.
ISSN: 1024-7297
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_F0111_01_025
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