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Title: 接球動作型式的環境限制變項探討
An Investigation on the Impact of Environmental Constraint Variable on Catching Pattern
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jul-1998
Publisher: 中華民國體育學會
Abstract: 在動作發展的研究中,傳統的觀念係將工作分析定義為:鑑別動作成分並 且以由簡而繁由易而難的原則加以排序的處理程序,此種定義的缺點是只重視 工作的特徵,而忽略了動作表現者本身的特質。為了解決傳統觀點所面臨的問 題以及克服其缺點,強調整體考量的生態工作分析因而應運而生,生態工作分 析的重點在於人的動作表現並非僅受限於動作者本身,而是由其與環境限制與 工作限制等三者之間的交互作用而產生。本研究的問題是:環境變數造成的限 制對動作型式的影響為何?根據動態系統的觀點,動作型式將因環境因素之難 度不同而產生改變,亦即環境限制的難度越低,動作型式會越高階;反之難度 越高,則動作型式會退化為較低階的層次。本研究以14名國小二年級男性學 童為實驗參加者,分別錄影其個別接四種不同直徑 (7、17、27、37公 分)但重量相同(500±10公克)的球各5次之動作,經評分者信度考驗 (評分者間信度為87%∼91%:評分者內信度為93%∼95%),然後再 經重覆量數單因子變異數分析,以瞭解其動作型式之層次,是否會因所接球體 的大小不同而產生改變。結果發現在接難度較高的球時,其動作型式的層次明 顯低於接大小較適中的球時之動作型式,這與本實驗之假說相符,且支持動態 系統的觀點。
In motor development researches, traditional task analysis was defined as the process of identifying movement components and the sequencing of these components from easy to difficult levels. This definition emphasized the task characteristics but not the environmental and movement performer's characteristics. Ecological task analysis, which holistically considers the interactions of environmental, performer, and task constraints, was invented to resolve these disadvantages. The question asked in this study was: Will the movement pattern be affected by the environmental constraint variable. According to the dynamical systems' perspectives, it was predicted that the movement patterns changes in a non-linear way, with the negative relationship between degrees of environment constraint and levels movement components. Fourteen 8-year-lod participants were video-taped as they attempted to catch four different sized of balls (diameter: 7,17,27, and 37 cm; weight: 500 ± 10g), which were tossed directly toward their center of trunk. Descriptive analysis and repeated measure ANOVA indicated that the size of ball impacted the changes of catching pattern. The findings of this investigation was further discussed in terms of dynamical systems' theoretical concept on the changes of movement patterns.
ISSN: 1024-7297
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_F0111_01_022
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