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Title: 國中體育教師性別歧視態度與工作壓力之研究
A Correlational Study of Sexist Attitudes and Job Stress on Junior High School Physical Education Teachers
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2013
Publisher: 中華心理衛生協會
Abstract: 研究目的:本研究旨在瞭解國中體育教師的性別歧視態度與工作壓力感受情況,進一步探討其性別歧視態度與工作壓力感受之間的關連性。研究方法:本研究採叢集比例抽樣方式,以台北市國中體育教師為研究對象進行問卷調查,使用曖昧性性別歧視態度量表(ASI)、對男性曖昧態度量表(AMI)與自編體育教師工作壓力量表收集資料,正式施測中的有效問卷為204份(男性133位,女性71位)。研究結果:1.國中體育教師在四種性別歧視態度中以「對女性親善型」歧視態度為最高;2.男女皆對彼此抱持著較高「敵意型」性別歧視態度,且男性比女性體育教師有較高的「對男性親善型」歧視態度;3.不同生理性別、職務、婚姻狀況的體育教師在性別歧視態度中呈現顯著差異;4.不同生理性別、職務的體育教師在部份工作壓力感受上有顯著差異;5.性別歧視態度與工作壓力感受存在顯著正相關。研究結論:在國中體育教師的工作環境中,女性面臨到較多的歧視態度,雖然所感受到整體工作壓力程度並沒有比男性高,但在個別背景變項中男女反應出有差異的工作壓力感受,且性別歧視態度與工作壓力感受有相關性存在。
Purpose: This study examines the relationship between sexist attitudes and job stress among junior high school physical education teachers. Methods: A proportioned cluster sampling questionnaire containing the Ambivalence Sexism Inventory (ASI), the Ambivalence toward Men Inventory (AMI), and a self-designed Physical Education Teacher Job Stress Inventory was administered to Taipei City junior high school physical education teachers (513 PE teachers). Results: Analysis of the 204 valid questionnaires collected (133 males and 71 females) showed that: (a) Benevolent sexism is the highest of the four sexist attitudes (benevolent sexism, hostile sexism, hostility toward men, and benevolence toward men) in physical education teachers. (b) Men and women have higher hostile attitudes toward each other, and men are more benevolent toward men. (c) Differences in gender, job responsibilities, and marital status substantially affect these attitudes. (d) Job stress was significantly influenced by gender. And, (e) there is a significant positive correlation between sexism and job stress. Conclusions: In the working environment of junior high school physical education teachers, women encounter more sexism. However, they do not feel more job stress than men. There are individual differences due to variation in backgrounds. There is a correlation between sexist attitudes and job stress.
ISSN: 1023-7283
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