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Title: 運動領域中性別框架之再製與鬆動
The Reproduction and Release of Gender Frame in Sports Domain
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2009
Publisher: 臺灣身體文化學會
Abstract: 長久以來,運動領域中所強調的競爭、陽剛特質與男子氣概相互建構增強,且受傳統「男主外、女主內」及女性生理構造不適合運動的偏見影響,藉由天生論掩蓋社會文化建構的意涵、承襲傳統性別刻板印象,再次強化陽剛與男性的聯結,並排斥陰柔特質。因此,本文旨在了解運動領域是如何再製性別結構且再製內容爲何,並看見再製中有鬆動性別框架的可能,採用社會學中的「結構-能動」做爲論述「再製-鬆動」的依據。運動領域透過運動類型性別分化、運動媒體、學校教育、體育相關組織再製性別框架,其內容包括強化「男性-陽剛」與「女性-陰柔」的特質、再製性別不平等、美貌論述與異性戀霸權……等。隨著性別意識的抬頭,運動領域在制度面上雖已產生鬆動,但在制度底下卻以一種更迂迴精密的手法進行再製性別結構,且利益地獲得支持著再製性別結構的行動。然而我們卻能在女性參與運動時看見能動性的展現,在運動中掌控自我身體,從禁錮的身體到自我意識的覺醒,這是一種鬆動性別框架的可能。因此,我們需透過「自我反思-性別意識覺醒-行動」的歷程,從內在自我觀念開始,反思聯結個體與性別結構之間的那層關係,才能產生動搖根深蒂固的性別結構的能動性。
Permanently, the characteristics of competition and masculinities emphasized in sports domain have been constructed and reinforced mutually. Prejudices which Chinese traditional concept "male serves as a breadwinner; female serves as a house-keeper" and which sport is inappropriate for female, resulted in concealing of the significance of social cultural construction by naturalism and inheriting traditional gender stereotypes. These reinforced the connection between masculinity and male, and excluded femininities. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate how the reproduction of gender structure in sports domain happened and what involved in it, and to find out the possibilities of release was based on gender frame in this process. Elaborating the reproduction-release based on the "structure-agency" in sociology. Sports domain reproduced the gender frame through the gender differentiation of sports categories, sports media, school education, and athlete-related organization, which contained strengthening characteristics of "male-masculinity" and "female-femininity", reproduction of unequal gender, discourse on good looks, heterosexual hegemony and etc. Following the awareness of gender consciousness, the system in sport domain has been released in system level, but it reproduced gender structure in a more indirect and delicate way. Moreover, a gain of patriarchal dividend also supported the reproduction actions. However, we can see the unfolding of agency in female's participation in the basis of reflective-gender conscious raising-action process and from inner self-concept, turning sports into a field changing gender structure.
ISSN: 1817-6690
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