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Title: 建構高齡者在地老化運動促進模式之研究
The Study on Construction of Strategy and Assessment Indicators for Promoting Exercise of Aging People
Other Titles: 建構高齡者在地老化運動促進策略及評估指標之研究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本研究目的旨在透過社會生態學理論,比較臺灣與芬蘭高齡者的運動政策及方案,藉由兩國高齡者運動發展之優劣分析,並借鏡芬蘭「活躍老化」運動經驗,提出適合臺灣「在地老化」的運動健康促進策略。本研究以政策分析法及焦點團體法分析目前臺灣高齡者運動政策及方案實施現況,並以個案研究法實際至芬蘭高齡者運動推動典範城市Jyvaskyla進行短期研究,最後以社會生態學理論分析相關研究資料。獲致結果如下:一、臺灣高齡者運動發展處於起步階段,亟需政府明訂政策方向、制訂相關法令以及推行各項方案;二、芬蘭透過運動促成高齡者「活躍老化」之作法,可視為是完整的高齡者運動社會生態模式,值得借鏡。三、本研究提出的臺灣在地老化運動健康促進策略主要包括:(一)擬定高齡者運動政策及法令;(二)發揮跨領域合作,發展高齡者運動促進方案;(三)設立專責高齡與運動研究發展機構;(四)建置高齡友善、互動的運動環境;(五)加強高齡運動認知、技能及資訊服務。整體而言,社會生態學理論適合用以分析及發展高齡者運動促進策略,而芬蘭高齡者運動的政策及方案值得我國學習借鏡。
The purpose of this study was to compare the physical activity policies and programs for older adults between Taiwan and Finland, with a theoretical underpinning of social ecology theory to further analyze their strengths and weaknesses. A successful Active Aging physical activity program of Finland was used as a reference model to propose a physical activity promotion strategy suitable for older Taiwanese for their aging in place.Methods of policy analysis and focus groups were used to analyze the current physical activity policies and programs for older adults in Taiwan, along with an experiential case study of Strength in Old Age in the model city of Jyvaskyla, Finland. The framework of social ecology model was applied to weave the whole study.Results of this study were as follows:1. Development of Taiwan’s physical activity programs for older adults is at the beginning stage and needs the government to draw up a direction of policies and enforce the related laws and promote a variety of programs.2. The successful Active Aging experience of Finland was found to be a sound model of older adults physical activity program which was in line with the social ecological model.3. The research provides strategies to improve physical activity promotion for the aging in Taiwan as follows:(1) Draw up the appropriate policies and legislation related to physical activity for older Taiwanese. (2) Conduct multisectorial cooperation to develop practical physical activity promotion programs for older Taiwanese. Developing multi-professional network to promote senior citizens’ physical activity program.(3) Set up the research and development institutions of older adults and physical activity.(4) Create an aging-friendly and interacting exercise environments and services.(5) Enhance the knowledge, skills and information service for facilitating older adults’ physical activity experience.As a whole, Social-ecology theory is appropriate for analyzing and developing strategies to improve physical activity promotion, and the policies and programs of Finland‘s physical activity are truly worthy of Taiwan‘s attention.
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