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Title: 大學生休閒運動心理需求、生活壓力與幸福感之研究
Study of Psychological Needs, Daily Life Stress and Well
Other Titles: 以國立臺灣大學為例
Being Related to Recreational Sports for Students at National Taiwan University
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2016
Publisher: 國立臺灣大學體育學室
Abstract: 目的:本研究在分析國立臺灣大學學生之休閒運動心理需求、生活壓力與幸福感之現況,以及探究各變項間的關聯情形。方法:本研究以國立臺灣大學之大學部學生為對象,採用問卷方式 (含個人背景變項、休閒運動心理需求、生活壓力及幸福感等量表) ,以立意取樣進行調查,共取得有效樣本481 份。結果:學生之休閒運動心理需求以「自主性」最高;生活壓力以「課業壓力」最高;學生的整體幸福感有提升之空間。休閒運動心理需求、生活壓力與幸福感之相關分析方面,在休閒運動心理需求與主觀幸福感有顯著的正相關;在生活壓力與主觀幸福感的關係方面,其結果則有顯著的負相關。休閒運動心理需求、生活壓力對幸福感之預測情形,在休閒運動心理需求變項中的勝任感構面、生活壓力變項中的課業壓力、家庭壓力、人際關係、生涯發展等構面對幸福感有顯著的解釋力。結論:當學生在休閒運動心理需求中的勝任感滿意程度越高時,其知覺幸福感就會越高;當學生知覺在生活壓力中的課業壓力、生涯發展、家庭壓力、人際關係等壓力程度越大時,則知覺幸福感就會越低。因此,瞭解大學生對休閒運動心理需求及生活壓力的情形,並規畫完善的相關措施,以紓解繁重的生活壓力,進而提升學生的幸福感受,即顯得相當重要且務實的作法,而須加以持續的關注與探究。
This study analyzes the psychological needs, daily life stress and well-being related to recreational sports for student at National Taiwan University and aims to explore the relationship between variables. Taking the college students at National Taiwan University as the subjects of study, this research adopts questionnaire (including personal background variables, psychological needs, life stress and well-being for recreational sports) and purposive sampling to obtain a total of 481 valid samples. "Autonomy" ranks the highest among psychological needs. "Academic pressure" ranks the highest among daily life stress. Students' overall well-being desire more improvement. In terms of psychological needs, life stress and well-being for recreational sports, the psychological needs are positively correlated to subjective well-being, and the life stress is negatively correlated to subject well-being. In terms of how psychological needs and life stress predict the status of wellbeing, the competence among the variables of psychological needs and the academic pressure, family pressure, interpersonal relationship and career development among daily life stress show significant influence on well-being. When the students show high level of satisfaction with competence, the perception of happiness is higher. When the perception of academic, career development, family pressure and interpersonal relationship pressures are higher, the perception of well-being is lower. Therefore, we have to understand the situation about psychological needs, daily life stress related to recreational sports for college students, and well planning related methods in order to release heavy daily life stress and increase their happiness perception. These are quite important and pragmatic methods. We have to keep concerning this issue and looking deeper.
ISSN: 1991-2498
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