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Title: 活躍老化
Active Ageing
Other Titles: 高齡者運動促進政策與實施狀況分析
Analysis on the Exercise Promotion Policy and Implementation for Elderly in Taiwan
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2014
Publisher: 一森國際有限公司
Abstract: 高齡化社會引起的財政及社會問題成為許多國家面臨的挑戰,過去國內政策著重於醫療、健保制度以及照護議題,近年已導入運動促進的概念,希望高齡者透過身體活動養成規律運動習慣並建立良好的生活型態。但目前國內的高齡者運動促進政策之推行並無主要專責機構,因此在計畫執行、經費來源及績效評估上有其困難性;同時也有部分民間組織對於高齡者運動促進的推動不遺餘力,若能做好資源整合將使體制更為完善。近日政府組織整併已將過去負責高齡者運動相關政策的部門進行統合,相信必能在穩固的組織基礎上,建置出最適合臺灣現況之政策及執行方式,積極面對高齡化社會的來臨。
In recent years, the financial and social problems that caused by ageing society has been a huge challenge for many nations. The policy related to medical issues and health insurance could not ease the government's financial burden. Thus, the concept of exercise and health promotion was proposed to be an effective solution to face the situation. The objects of "Active Ageing" were to encourage the elderly participate in physical activities, to build regular exercise habits, and to improve the quality of life. From the plan of government and non-governmental organization, this research also required to collect and evaluate the law and policy of elderly; moreover, the conclusions of this study were as followed: In Taiwan, there is no dedicated organization to manage all the projects about elderly; in addition, it is difficult for government to integrate the resource and to evaluate the benefits. On the other hand, some non-governmental organizations also participated in providing the positive projects for seniors. Recently, there was an organization merger about health and welfare, and we believe it could be the basement for building elderly exercise-promotion environment in Taiwan.
ISSN: 2219-5777
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_F0109_01_023
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