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Title: 101學年度大專籃球聯賽現場觀眾運動觀賞動機與滿意度之研究
A Study on 2012 University Basketball Association Sport Spectators’ Motivation and Satisfaction
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2013
Publisher: 中華運動休閒產業管理學會
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討101學年度大專籃球聯賽(University Basketball Association,以下簡稱UBA)現場觀眾的人口背景、觀賞動機及滿意度的分布情形,並瞭解觀眾人口背景在觀賞動機及滿意度的差異情形,進而探討觀賞動機及滿意度之間的相關。研究以UBA公開男子組第一級的現場觀眾為研究對象,採便利抽樣方式實施問卷調查,共計回收442份有效問卷。使用PASW 18.0分析後,結果顯示:一、樣本結構中男生略多於女生,且大多為24歲以下未婚的大學生;曾有籃球社團經驗及每周規律參與2次以上籃球運動的觀眾超過五成。二、現場觀眾觀賞動機以「賽事吸引力」為主,且對於「決賽硬體環境」及整體「比賽內容」感到滿意。三、除年齡外其他背景變項在觀賞動機各構面皆有顯著差異情形,滿意度則僅有性別、籃球社團參與經驗及本屆高中籃球聯賽現場觀賞經驗在「比賽內容」、「軟體氣氛」及「行銷宣傳」上達顯著差異。四、 觀賞動機與滿意度間呈現顯著正相關,觀賞動機中「球員偏好」、「賽事吸引力」及「人際互動」與滿意度的「行銷宣傳」、「比賽內容」及「軟體氣氛」達到中度正相關。研究者建議設計現場活動及宣傳資訊時可考量不同籃球運動背景的觀眾,並增加觀眾間的互動以提升現場娛樂氣氛,且將硬體環境的優劣做為選擇比賽場館時的先決條件。以上結果可供主辦單位、學校及行銷活動公司參考。
This study was aiming at exploring the 2012 University Basketball Association (UBA) on-site spectators' demographic background, participation motivation and satisfaction, demographic diversity of spectators motivation and satisfaction, as well as the correlation between participation motivation and satisfaction. The researchers adopted the PASW Statistics 18.0 to process and analyze data obtained from the collected 442 valid questionnaires. The study subjects were selected from on-site spectators through convenient sampling at the 2012-13 UBA Tournament; the results were as followed: 1. The samples of the research were spectators attending the 2012-13 UBA Men's Division I Semi-finals and Finals, college students, and under 24-year-old and unmarried. There was a slightly larger attendance by male than female spectators at the tournament; in addition, over half of them had experiences in joining a basketball team and playing basketball over 2 times a week; 2. Most of the spectators were motivated to attend the tournament by being attracted to the tournament, and most spectators were satisfied with the facilities of the finals venues and the overall contents of the games; 3. All demographic variables of spectators showed significant motivational differences except age. There were only gender, experience in joining basketball team, and experience in on-site spectating at a High School Basketball League game of spectator demographic variables showed significant differences in contents of games, services and atmosphere, and marketing; 4. Spectator motivation and satisfaction were significantly and positively correlated. There were moderate positive correlations found among having preference for players, being attracted to the tournament, social interaction in spectator motivation, marketing, contents of the games, services and atmosphere in satisfaction. The researchers suggested considering spectators' diverse preferences and experiences for the design and development of various activities and flyers for hosting sporting events like the UBA Tournament; further, increasing interactions among spectators to enhance entertaining atmosphere could be vital as well. Finally, the quality of facilities can be critical when looking for a sporting event venue. In conclusive, it was anticipated by the researchers the study be implemented as a reference material for the organizers, academies, and marketing corporations that undertook fairs affiliated with the UBA Tournament.
ISSN: 1815-4093
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