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Title: 應用行銷組合與知覺價值模式探討游泳消費者再購意願之研究
The Study of Swimming Consumers' Repurchase Intention by Applying the Marketing Mix and Model of Perceived Value
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣大學體育學室
Abstract: 本研究旨在應用行銷組合與知覺價值模式,探討游泳消費者的知覺價值、知覺利益、知覺犧牲、替代品吸引力與再購意願的關係,並驗證模式是否適用於不同類型游泳池之消費者群體。本研究以臺北市大安運動中心與國立臺灣師範大學之18歲以上游泳消費者為對象,採問卷調查法,以隨機抽樣方式,得有效問卷425份,並以描述性統計、潛在變項徑路分析與多群組分析進行資料分析與模式驗證。本研究之重要結果為:一、本研究之假設模式具有良好的適配度,游泳消費者的知覺價值會正向影響再購意願。消費者的知覺利益會正向影響知覺價值,對替代品吸引力則有負向影響,知覺犧牲對知覺價值有負向影響,對替代品吸引力則有正向影響。替代品吸引力則會負向影響消費者的再購意願。二、多群組分析結果顯示,本研究模式適用於兩個不同類型之消費群體。依據研究結果,游泳池營運者能藉由強化游泳池的軟硬體設備、員工專業態度與服務、多元化的促銷方式,以及減少消費者對價格與其他心力成本的犧牲感受,提升其對游泳池的整體評價,以增加消費者的再購意願、降低到其他游泳池消費的意圖。
The study aimed to explore the relationships among perceived value, perceived benefit, perceived sacrifice, attractiveness of alternatives and repurchase intention of swimming consumers by applying the marketing mix and the model of perceived value. Besides, it tested the fitness of the model for different types of swimming consumers. The data was collected by questionnaires through Random Sampling targeting National Taiwan Normal University and Taipei Da-An Sports Center consumers above 18 years old. Descriptive statistics, path analysis with latent variables and multiple group analysis were utilized to analyze 425 valid data and test the model. The Results showed that 1) the model was accepted. Consumers' perceived value has positive effect on repurchase intention. Perceived benefit had positive effect on perceived value, but negative effect on attractiveness of alternatives. On the contrary, perceived sacrifice had negative effect on perceived value but positive effect on attractiveness of alternatives. Also, attractiveness of alternatives had negative effect on repurchase intention. 2) The model fit for both studied groups. According to the results, it will be helpful to both enhance the facilities, professional service and the perceived value of marketing mix and to reduce perceived sacrifice for price and other efforts in order to facilitate the consumers' repurchase intention and moderate their intention for alternatives.
ISSN: 1991-2498
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_F0109_01_018
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