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Title: 國小體操專長與非專長教師學科教學知識與學生學習成就之比較研究
Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Student Learning Achievement : A Comparison of Gymnastic Specialist Teacher and Nonspecialist Teacher in Elementary School
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2009
Publisher: 臺灣運動教育學會
Abstract: 本研究目的為探討體操專長教師與非專長教師之學科教學知識 (PCK)內涵及其建構來源之差異,與其學生學習成就、學生知覺情形的不同。研究方法採觀察與訪談瞭解教師的學科教學知識與建構來源,以動作技能評量工具進行教學前後之學習成就測驗,透過刺激回憶訪談瞭解學生知覺情形。研究結果:一、 PCK內涵,兩位教師在課程知識、體操學科知識與教學情境的知識有明顯的差異,在學習者的知識方面略嫌不足;二、 PCK建構來源,專長背景造成學科知識的差異,師資培育對兩位教師主要是體育系專門課程的影響;三、學生學習成就,專長教師學生的學習成就優於非專長教師學生,教師學科教學知識可能對學生成就產生影響;四、學生知覺,兩班學生對教學的理解與專長教師學生對遊戲活動的喜愛,發現教師對學生知覺產生影響。結論:教師知識內涵是影響學生學習的重要因素之一。本研究結果可供師資培育機構、體操教學者與後續研究者作為參考。
The purpose of this study was to examine the difference of pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) and constructive source of pedagogical content knowledge of a gymnastic specialist teacher and nonspecialist teacher, and to compare the learning achievement and the perception of their students. Methods: Observation and interview were used to collect qualitative data of PCK and constructive source. The difference of learning achievement was measured by gymnastic motor skill assessment tool. Stimulus recall interview was used to collect data on students’ perception condition. Results: 1. Curriculum knowledge, gymnastic subject matter knowledge and knowledge of educational contexts were different between the two teachers. Two teachers were insufficient in knowledge of learner; 2. The constructive source of PCK was different due to different background in gymnastic training. Physical education professional curriculum offered more influence than general educational professional curriculum; 3. Student learning achievement of specialist teacher was better than that of nonpsecialist teacher; 4. Student perception was partly affected by their teachers’ PCK. Students of specialist teacher had more understanding and in favor of game activities. Conclusion: PCK of teachers was one of important factors in students learning. The findings of the study could be used as a reference for teacher education, gymnastic teaching and future research.
ISSN: 1991-1513
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_F0108_01_023
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