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Title: 中學師生對理解式球類教學實施知覺之探討
Secondary School Teachers and Students' Perceptions of Teaching Games for Understanding
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2008
Publisher: 國立臺中教育大學
Abstract: 理解式球類教學是國外學者Bunker和Thorpe(1986)以認知爲主的教學而發展的,在戰術理解與做決定能力方面對現今的體育教學有所啟發,本研究旨在探討中學師生對理解式球類教學實施情形的知覺。研究參與者爲三位中學體育教師,每一位教師選擇一個班級,進行六週的理解式羽球教學,研究者於研究期間,進行教學觀察、學生日誌的蒐集,並於教學後進行教師的正式、非正式訪談及學生的團體訪談,資料的分析是採持續比較,從資料中發現主題和概念。針對研究結果發現如下:(一)體育教師對理解式球類教學的知覺,可歸納爲三部分,包括發現別於傳統體育教學之處、實施上的限制與困境及可採折衷辦法進行教學。其中,六種別於傳統體育教學之處爲有助於學生思考、富有新鮮感且挑戰性較高、比賽時學生較能學以致用、師生間互動較爲頻繁、學生剛開始時較難進入狀況、實施起來費時費力等;(二)學生對理解式球類教學實施的知覺,可歸納爲四部分:包括增加師生互動、享受運動樂趣、戰術戰略與規則的瞭解、提升技能等。本研究發現可供師資培育機構與其他相關單位,做爲推展理解式球類教學的參考,且建議未來的研究可以針對其他運動項目進行研究,做進一步的探討。
Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) was developed by Bunker and Thorpe in 1986. It contributed to physical education teaching in tactical understanding and decision making. The purpose of this study was to examine secondary school teachers and students' perceptions on the TGfU. The study involved 3 secondary school PE teachers and their PE class students. Each teacher planned and taught 12 classes in PE lessons using TGfU approach on badminton. During the period of research, researchers made field notes through observation, and students' learning journals were collected. Both formal and informal interviews with the teachers after class, and students' group interviews were conducted to collect more information. The data were analyzed using constant comparison method. The results indicated that (1) Perception of PE teachers towards TGfU: Teachers found that TGfU was different from traditional teaching in many aspects. TGfU enhanced student thinking, the teaching was very refreshing and challenging. Students could apply what they learned in games and teacher-student interaction was improved. Students had to learn to adapt to TGfU and more time and effort was needed for teachers to implement TGfU. However, teachers could compromise to implement TGfU although there were some limitations. (2) Students' perception towards TGfU: They included the increase in the interactions among students and teachers, fun during class, the understanding of badminton tactics and rules, and badminton techniques improvement. The findings of this study have implications for the promotion of TGfU for teacher education institutions and other related units. It is suggested further study should consider examining other different game sports.
ISSN: 1817-6402
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