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Title: 國際身體活動量表臺灣中文版--身體活動強度的中文詞句及代表活動項目的選擇
Selection of Appropriate Chinese Terms to Represent Intensity and Types of Physical Activity Terms for Use in The Taiwan Version of IPAQ
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2008
Publisher: 臺灣護理學會
Abstract: 為了與世界各國共同剖析活動不足對健康的危害,第一作者已獲授權對國際身體活動量表的台灣中文版進行翻譯及發展使用,開發一套以費力、中等費力活動量為體,以台灣常見身體活動為用的量表。以十二次專家焦點團體討論、六次書面審查、問卷調查、田野調查、認知觀點調查法及二回合雙重獨立翻譯及回翻,建立國人身體活動相關概念、用語及項目的共識;整合國內外相關研究,定義國人常見的活動強度;發展本土適用的量表。本研究結果為vigorous、moclerate及physical activity找到相對、合適的中文詞彙:費力、中等費力、身體活動;將國人常見活動項目正確歸類,放入量表;繼而襲展出國際身體活動量表台灣中文版的自填長版、自填短版、電訪短版。三量表中英文版語言吻合度、意思相似度的內容效度指數為992,994,980及994,992,994;中英文版的內在等級相關係數為945,704,894。運用認知觀點調查法發展出的量表,可正確反應出身體活動量,並擁有文化敏感度。沒有規律運動及高中以下學歷的個案有低估中等費力活動強度的傾向。
In order to analyze the health risks of insufficient activity by international comparisons, the first author obtained the permission to translate and develop a Taiwan version of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ). The objective was to determine culturally sensitive Chinese translations for the terms "moderate", "vigorous" and "physical activity" as well as to identify representative types of physical activity for Taiwanese. This study used discussions by 12 expert focus groups, 6 expert audits, a scale survey, field study, Cognitive Aspect Survey Methodology (CASM), dual independent translation and back-translation to establish a consensus on physical activity-related concepts, terminologies and types that define the intensity of common activities of Taiwanese by integrating both local and foreign studies. The Chinese terms "fei li", "zhong dengfei li" and "shen ti huo dong". respectively, were identified as suitable and adequate translations for the English terms "vigorous", "moderate" and "physical activity". The common Taiwanese activities were accurately categorized and listed in questionnaires, forming culturally sensitive scales. Taiwan versions of IPAQ's self-administered long version (SL), self-administered short version (SS), and telephone interview short version (TS) were developed. Their content validity indices were .992, .994, and .980, as well as .994,.992, and .994 for language equivalence and meaning similarity between the English and Chinese versions of the IPAQ-LS, IPAQ-SS, and IPAQ-TS, respectively. Consistency values for the English and Chinese versions in terms of intraclass correlation coefficients were .945, .704, and .894, respectively. The IPAQ-Taiwan is not only a sensitive and precise tool, but also shows the effectiveness of the methodology (CASM) used in tool development. Subjects who did not regularly exercise and had an education less than a junior high school level underestimated the moderate-intensity physical activity.
ISSN: 1682-3141
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