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Title: 女性芭蕾舞者體型與身體組成之探討
The Body Composition and Body Build of Elite Female Ballet Dancers
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-1997
Publisher: 中華民國體育學會
Abstract: 運動成績和體能與運動員體格有密切關係,部份運動項目與其表現均有 45-90 % 可經由遺傳決定;體型與身體組成是人體測量的二個要項,兩者關乎健康頗深,在訓練及選 材方面亦扮演重要角色。國外相關研究很可觀,但可能種族緣故,國內引用常易遭受質疑。 雖然,本土運動員體型與身體組成的資料建立已頗具規模,但對舞者的相關測量尚付之闕如 。 故本文以 24 位國內優秀女性芭蕾舞者,測量彼等 8 個部位皮脂厚度以 11 個肢段周徑 圍長,再與 24 位一般非舞者控制組比較,目的在了解國內優秀女性芭蕾舞者體型與身體組 成與一般人或與其他運動員的差異。 測量結果芭蕾舞者與對照組的基本生理值,分別是平均身高、體重,是 159.2 ± 4.0 公分 、160.2 ± 3.3 公分; 45.9 ± 3.4 公斤、52.0 ± 4.6 公斤,結果發現各部位單獨測量 之皮脂厚與總合、體脂肪百分比(舞者 18.04 ± 3.0, 一般 25.99 ± 3.8 %)、身體密 度(舞者 1.057 ± 0.001gm/cc,一般 1.042 ± 0.013 gm/cc )體重,芭蕾舞者除身體密 度外均較一般女性低( p<.05 );顯示舞者體型較結實。 測量十一個體圍除前臂、小腿及 足踝外(未達差異水準),其他均顯著小於一般女性( p<.05 )。 總觀女芭蕾舞者:削瘦 、苗條,各肢段比例較勻稱。體型體圍圖是將體型量化很好的一種方法,資料穫得容易,算 法單純比較明顯,值得推廣。 惟國人適用之體圍 K 值常模有待建立,期將統計誤差隆至最低。
Like athletes, dancers strive to maintain low weight and a low percentage of body fat. These conditions are important for both appearance and competitive advantage. Many researchers have discussed the body built and body composition of elite ballet dancers. but little data has been compiled on native Taiwanese dancers. To provide such data, the anthropocentric method, including skinfold and circumference, was used to test 24 classically trained female Taiwanese ballet dancers, aged 28.3 � 4.4 years. The percentage of body fat was determined by measuring 8 sites of skinfold thickness. For the somatogram compare to 11 circum-ferences which measurements were taken from two groups. Our findings show that the body build of Taiwanese dancers is different from the nondancers. The dancers had lower body weights and lower percentages of body fat than those of nondancers of the same age and gender. The Somatogram analysis indicated that their body builds exhibited good symmetry. We recommend that the study of body composition in Taiwanese dancers and athletes include anthropocentric measures of circumference, and that they be tracked over time, including time beyond their careers as performers.
ISSN: 1024-7297
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