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Title: 運動觀光滿意模式之研究
A Study of Sport Tourists' Satisfaction Model
Other Titles: 以日月潭國際萬人泳渡嘉年華運動觀光客為例
An Example of Sun Moon Lake International Cross-lake Swimming Carnival
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2014
Publisher: 國立臺灣大學體育學室
Abstract: 目的:本研究旨在驗證日月潭國際萬人泳渡嘉年華運動觀光滿意模式。方法:以2010年9月12日實際橫渡之運動觀光客544名為研究對象,透過「日月潭國際萬人泳渡嘉年華運動觀光客滿意模式問卷」進行調查,以描述統計、結構方程模式進行資料分析。結果:以結構方程模式進行資料分析。研究結果發現,整體模式適配度與內在結構適配度指標皆符合統計標準。進一步檢視日月潭國際萬人泳渡嘉年華結構方程模式各估計參數路徑,皆達高度解釋力與顯著效果,僅在活動形象與運動觀光期望對滿意度未達顯著。結論:整體模式適配程度中的GFI與AGFI指標,趨近合理適配標準;在內在結構適配度上,潛在變項平均抽取量仍具有聚合效度。日月潭國際萬人泳渡嘉年華結構方程模式各估計參數路徑,皆達高度解釋力與顯著效果,顯見活動形象會產生高度期望,在參與過程感受之服務與期望吻合時,其價值感會正向影響滿意度,進而提升忠誠度。基此,建議相關單位除了重視活動的編排及設計,加強工作人員的訓練,設立更完善的服務站,提供安全救生服務外,透過贊助策略的運用,募集更多的企業廠商投入贊助行列,亦可與透過異業結盟,增加區域整體經濟之效益。針對未達顯著之部分,具體改善策略包含加強大陸團宣導、確切落實報到與下水管控、依照游泳能力劃分水道,亦可將活動延長為2日的活動行程,不僅可有效抒解,泳渡人潮過多之困境,更可提供多元規劃與安排。
Purpose: The study aimed to propose and test a sport tourists' satisfaction index model of "Sun Moon Lake International Cross-lake Swimming Carnival", based on the theory of satisfaction indicator model. Method: Quantitative research was done on September 12, 2010 through "the Questionnaire of Sport Tourists' satisfaction indicator model of Sun Moon Lake International Cross-lake Swimming Carnival" as the instrument. 544 samples were valid. Data were analyzed using the method of Descriptive Statistics and Structural Equation Model (SEM). Result: 1. The GFI and AGFI indicators were .84 and .80. The variances extracted from the latent variables, activity's image and sport tourists' expectations, were .40 and .41 respectively. 2. The Parameter Estimation paths in the SEM were highly significant and had good explanative strengths. Only those paths from activity's image and sport tourists' expectations to satisfaction were not significant. Conclusion: 1. GFI and AGFI indices were very close to the standards of goodness of fit. The extracted variance of the latent variables had good convergent validity. 2. The Parameter Estimation paths in the SEM of Sun Moon Lake International Cross-lake Swimming Carnival were highly significant and had good explanative strength, indicating that the activity's image had triggered high expectation. Also, when overall perceived service meets the participants' expectation, the perceived value could positively affect satisfaction, and loyalty. Above all, by further emphasizing the activity plan and design, enterprises are suggested to improve employee training, supportive service, and security measures. The local area can benefit from comprehensive sponsorship strategy to enhance sponsor involvement and inter-industry alliance. Also, specific improvement strategies were addressed to promote the quality of tourists, especially those from China, the check-in accuracy, and the control of the number of swimmers by categorizing swimming with various levels of skill into different channels. The activity can be extended to 2 days in total to relieve traffic load and to enable diversified arrangements of tour package.
ISSN: 1991-2498
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