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Title: 行銷策略對消費者再購意願之研究
A Study of the Relationships among Marketing Strategy and Repurchase Intention of Customers in Taipei Jhong Jheng People Sports Center
Other Titles: 以臺北市中正運動中心為例
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2012
Publisher: 師大書苑有限公司
Abstract: 本研究目的:瞭解中正運動中心消費者背景結構現況,同時探討不同背景變項在行銷策略上之差異情形,最後則以多元逐步迴歸分析行銷策略對再購意願之預測程度。方法:本研究以臺北市中正運動中心消費者為研究對象,於2011年2月23日至3月13日以「臺北市中正運動中心行銷策略對再購意願調查問卷」進行資料蒐集。並以描述性統計、單因子變異數分析、t檢定及多元逐步迴歸進行統計分析。結果: 一、中正運動中心顧客參與之背景變項,其中男性顧客多於女性,年齡介於20-29歲,教育程度為大專校院為主,月收入在10,000(含)以下居多。二、性別、年齡及教育程度在行銷構面有顯著差異。於行銷構面中,性別對促銷方式、交通便利達顯著差異;年齡對促銷方式、交通便利及專業服務有顯著差異;教育程度對交通便利有顯著差異。三、以多元逐步迴歸的統計方法發現行銷策略可有效預測消費者之再購意願,專業服務、軟硬體設備及交通便利可解釋再購意願,其中以專業服務解釋力最強達79.1%。結論:基於以上發現,建議運動中心行銷策略可首重專業服務,延續口碑、提高品質及專業,並且加強軟硬體設備的完善,以留住消費者的心,提高消費者之再購意願。
Purpose: The research was to investigate the demographics of customer. Then exploring differences between demographic variants of customer and marketing strategy were discussed. Furthermore, Stepwise Multiple Regression was used to predict repurchase intention of customers Methods: The subjects of the study were five hundred and two customers in Taipei Jhong Jheng People Sports Center on 23th of February till 13th of March, 2011. A self-developed questionnaire "Questionnaire of marketing strategy and repurchase intention of customers in Taipei Jhong Jheng People Sports Center" was used as the research instrument. Descriptive statistics, one-way ANOVA, t-test, Stepwise Multiple Regression were computed for data analysis. The results were derived as followed: 1.The customers at Taipei Jhong Jheng People Sports Center were mostly male, 20-29 years old, with college or university degree, monthly income was mostly below NT$10,000. 2. Sex, age and education level of demographic variants showed significant variance in marketing strategy dimension. 3. statistical methods of Stepwise Multiple Regression can predict consumers repurchase frequency: professional services, software and hardware of the equipment, and convenient transportation options will be explained the repurchase intention. Based on the research results, it is suggested that marketing strategy can strength the professional services in the future. Taipei Jhong Jheng People Sports Center can keep the quality of professionalism and improve those software and hardware of the equipment. The important thing is maintaining consumers and escalating customers' repurchase intention.
ISSN: 1995-7654
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