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Title: 我國學校體育政策制定之研究
A Study on the Making of School Physical Education Policies in Taiwan
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2004
Publisher: 中華民國大專院校體育總會
Abstract: 本研究皆在探討學校體育政策問題形成之影響因素與規劃內涵;學校體育政策合法化之形式建構以及學校體育政策執行與評估現況,並研提具體結論與建議事項,作為中央主管教育行政機關制定學校體育政策之參考。本研究係採質與量併行之方法,採用文獻分析法(Documentary Analysis)及德菲法(Delphi Method)為主要研究方法;並以自編之「我國學校體育政策制定調查問卷」為研究工具進行調查;調查問卷對象你由十位專家學者及行政人員進行二次調查問卷填答,且以平均數及眾數為統計方法,再經分析與討論後,獲致具體結論如下:一、我國學校體育政策問題形成之影響因素,依重要程度排序分別為體育活動、體育師資、體育教學、教育理念、運動場地設施、教育與文化、社會、經濟以及政治等九方面。二、我國學校體育政策規劃之具體內涵,包括「基本人權(生存權、工作權及財產權等)」轉換兼具運動權之概念等十一種。三、我國學校體育政策合法化法令形式建構,均認為有制定「學校體育法」,並配合修正現有有關法令之必要性。四、我國學校體育政策執行之現況,包括有學校體育政策執行具明確性與周詳性等七項內涵。五、我國學校體育政策評估之現況,包括有中央主管行政機關已體認政策評估的重要性等六項內涵。
The purpose of this paper was to explore the following topics: 1.) the factors influencing the formation of problems for school physical education policies, as well as the substance of the plan, form and structure of legalization of school physical education policies; and 2.) the implementation, evaluation and current overview of school physical education policies, as well as the formulation of concrete conclusions and recommendations to serve as reference to central education administrative agencies for the formulation of physical education policies. This study applied the research methods of documentary analysis and Delphi Method. A "Questionnaire for Policy Formulation of School Physical Education Policies" was also compiled to serve as tool for the survey, which was conducted by twice distributing a questionnaire to 10 experts, scholars and administrative personnel. Average scores and mode were used to calculate the statistics. The main results were synthesized as follows: 1.) in order of level of importance, factors influencing the formation of problems in school physical education policies can be divided into physical education activities, physical education teachers, physical education instruction, educational concepts, sports facilities, education and culture, society, economic and political aspects; 2.) substance of school physical education policies included eleven concepts of basic human rights (the right of survival, the right to work and property rights), including the right to sport; 3.) it was believed that it was necessary to formulate a "School Physical Education Law," so that the form and structure of legalization of school physical education policy laws should be coordinated with amendments in existing laws; 4.) an overview of current implementation of school physical education that included seven factors relating to clearness and comprehensiveness of implementation of school physical's physical education policies; 5.) an overview of evaluation of current policies of school physical education that included six factors whose importance had been recognized by the central administrative authorities.
ISSN: 1563-3470
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