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Title: 太極拳運動對老年人行走及跨越障礙動作之影響
Effect of Tai Chi on Gait and Obstacle Crossing in Older Adults
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 老年人隨著老化的過程,其身體運動能力的衰退,如肌力、平衡能力、反 應能力、神經系統方面等,有關這些能力的下降將使老年人增加在日常生 活環境中活動的困難,如行走中跨越障礙,以及常伴隨發生的危險因素, 如跌倒,嚴重威脅健康品質。故主動從事身體活動以減緩運動能力衰退, 甚而提升身體運動能力,乃是不可或缺的積極性作法。 在眾多的運動中,太極拳運動是從事人口相當多的一項運動,其運動 形式以及強度更是老年人適合從事的項目之一,而且一直受到提倡也廣為 接受。有關老年人從事太極拳運動後對身體影響的探討越來越多,但主要 著墨於一些生理指標上,有關日常生活中具體動作(如跨越障礙物)的下肢 各肌肉協調控制與關節互動的探討則是沒有。因此,本研究希望藉由行走 過程中跨越障礙的動作,並以運動學、動力學與下肢主要肌群的肌電訊號 為探討依據,來探討老年人從事太極拳運動對跨越動作的關節互動關係與 下肢各肌肉協調控制有何影響。 本研究將有從事太極拳運動以及無從事太極拳運動的老年人各15名 參與實驗,實驗中包括有一般平地行走(level walking)、10%腿長高度與 20%腿長障礙高度的跨越動作等三種情況。以10部Vicon高速攝影機 (100Hz)、兩塊Kistler測力板(1000Hz)以及1套Biovision肌電系統 (1000Hz)同步收集實驗資料。預期可找出老年人參與太極拳運動後對此功 能性動作控制上所產生的效應,期望對老年人的跌倒預防有進一步的貢獻。
Physical abilities of older adults, taking muscular strength, balance, and neuron system for example, would decline with age. Older people would have more challenge of physical activity, such as crossing obstacle, in daily environment due to decrease in these abilities and cause damage by tripping frequently. As a result, to do exercise for improving physical abilities of older adult is the most important in order to decrease the likehood of fall in obstacle crossing movement. Among all exercises, Tai Chi is one of the most popular options, and quite suitable for older people. Nowadays, many studies about the effect of Tai Chi on human body focused on physiological test, like heart rate, blood pressure, and balance, while there are still few studies on functional movement control in daily environment in older adults. The purpose of this study is to collect the kinematical, dynamical, and electromyography data of older adult during walking and crossing obstacle and to investigate the intersegmental control strategies, net joints moment and net joint force, and muscle action of lower extremity. Fifteen Tai Chi elder participants and 15 normal healthy elder ones will be served as subjects. Each subject will perform level walking (0% leg length) and two different heights of crossing obstacle movement (10% and 15% leg length). Ten Vicon high-speed cameras (100Hz), two Kistler force plates (1000Hz), and one Biovision EMG system (1000Hz) will be synchronized to collect data. We expect to have an insight into the effect of the functional movement control in Tai Chi elder participants. The results of this study will provide important information for preventing fall in older adults.
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