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Title: 運動科學及運動訓練整合實驗計畫
Experimental Project for the Integration of Sport Science and Sport Training
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1999
Abstract: 發展運動科學研究,是目前世界運動強國積極發展的重點工作之一,儼然形成運動場外的另一種競賽, 其為的就是將科學研究的結果提供運動訓練界參考以增進表現。國內近年來的科學研究及運動競技成績 已分別大有進展,為了落實運動訓練成效與再提昇運動競技實力,本研究嘗試性地提出此一整合型計劃 ,期望以運動科學的技術作為運動訓練的基礎及後盾,提供科學化的實質建議並解決教練及選手們在訓 練上所遭遇的問題,為日後各項競技運動集訓的策略及方法奠定實際操作的基礎。本研究的受試者為國 立臺灣師範大學優秀的排球、游泳、跆拳道、鏈球與男子十項全能等項目的選手,共約20名。將以運動 生理學(肌肉工作能力評估、血液生化分析、營養評估等)、運動心理學(身心平衡技巧、身體知覺技 巧、情緒危機處理等)及運動生物力學(高速攝影法、測力板計量分析法、肌電訊號分析法)三方面質 及量的方法提供教練及運動員在生理、營養、心理技能、身體自覺、運動傷害及運動技術等方面的資訊 。望能提供正確的觀念與及時精確的回饋以修正訓練,協助優秀運動員突破瓶頸,為提昇我國運動競技 能力盡一分力量。本研究預期目標如下: 運動生理方面- 提昇高水準運動員在肌力、心肺功能等重要的生理指標,避免疾病感染、避免過度訓練及掌控營養 的平衡與增補。 運動心理方面- 開發身體知覺、改善身體控制能力及預防心因性壓力以預防運動傷害,並提昇壓力管理的能力。 運動生物力學方面- 長期追蹤優秀運動員的技術表現,提供教練肉眼無法觀察到的生物力學參數等指標,使其能更客觀 的掌握選手在訓練過程的技術變異。
The development of scientific research in sport activities is one of the most important tasks among those leading counties in present highly competitive world. Therefore, on the top of athletic contests they also set a stage for the competition in sport scientific research. The main purpose of the scientific research in sport activities is obviously trying to find a better method and make it possible to advice the coaches and athletes to manage a more effective training schedule, thereby, it is hopefully to attain some successful achievement. In past years, in our nation we have been experiencing a certain extent of improvement in sport scientific research we found, however, only rare practical solution in direct application of the scientific research to a case of improving sport skill or strengthening athletes' record creation. The experimental project for the integration of sport science and sport training is aiming at providing the scientific technique and knowledge as a backdrop for specific sport training program. It also hopefully can establish an exemplary to plan training strategy for sport camp in future. The current project will concentrate on helping 20 of elite athletes who are presently enrolled in National Taiwan Normal University and specialized in the events of swimming, volleyball, taekwondo, hammer throw, and decathlon. We will integrate exercise physiology, sport psychology and sport biomechanics, combine theory with practice in the field of evaluating muscular-ergo ability, biochemical analysis of blood, nutritional evaluation, physio-psycho balance technique, physical perceptional skill, sentimental crisis control, high speed cameras filming analysis, force platform measurement, and electromyographical analysis. Based on these scientific technique and knowledge we are going to operate the analytical evaluation to every athlete. Thereby, it will be possible to provide specific recommendation to coaches and athletes. Consequently, we hope to co me up some conclusion via the principle of feedback mechanism and gradually to rectify every athlete's misleading concept or skill and to spot his/her weakness in point and to enrich it through the modification of the training program. Most importantly, the project is aiming at establishing its strategy to help athletes to breakthrough their bottleneck difficulty and to promote their own skill level or create higher record in sport competition. The project expects to set goal as: Exercise Physiological Aspect: Improve the athletes' physio-index with respect to muscular strength, endurance and vasco-pulmonary capacities, prevent overtraining and catching illness, and control balanced diet. Sport Psychological Aspect: Explore physical perception, improve physical control, prevent psycho-pressure and sport injury, and promote how to handle stress. Sport Biomechanical Aspect: By means of high speed camera film analysis, analyze the athletes' peculiar skill and periodically review any change of kinematical and kinetical parameters which are critical factors for skill and technical improvement. Any parametrical change, which can not even be detected by insightful observation, must be relied on biomechanical film analysis.
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