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Title: 高爾夫推桿長度對動作穩定之影響
Effect of Golf Putter Length for the Putting Stability
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2015
Publisher: 臺灣運動生物力學學會
Abstract: 目的:為了解高爾夫初學者使用不同握桿長度對於推桿動作時間、節奏、速度與加速度的差異以及推桿動作的穩定性。方法:招募20名高爾夫初學者(n=20年齡:24.4±2.1歲、身高173.5±5.9公分),測量身高將推桿依受試者的身高標準化標記出身高之17%、18%、19%、20%與21%的球桿長度,受試者在距離洞口兩公尺處依照平衡次序在五種長度擊球五次,共25球,使用SAM PUTTLAB 2010高爾夫推桿訓練儀器擷取上桿時間、擊球時間、下桿時間、擊球節奏、下桿節奏、桿頭擊球速度與擊球加速度,以重複量數單因子變異數分析比較在各長度間各參數之差異。結果:擊球時間在長度19%比起18%、20%與21%較穩定的表現;擊球速度在長度19%比17%與21%有較穩定的擊球速度,而節奏上則沒有顯著差異的結果。結論:對初學者而言,球桿長度不會造成擊球節奏的影響,但擊球速度在長度19%有較穩定的表現可作為挑選球桿長度的參照。
PURPOSE: This study focuses on the shaft lengths effect on putting time, rhythm, speed, acceleration stability to the golf beginners. METHODS: Twenty golf beginners (24.4�2.1 years) held five positions standardized to height in random order and putted five times. Backswing time, hitting time, forward time, hitting rhythm, downswing rhythm, club head speed and acceleration of each position were compared using repeated-measure one way ANOVA, and LSD was used for post hoc analysis. RESULTS: Hitting time of 19% length was more stable than 18%, 20%, and 21%. Club speed of 19% length was more stable than 17% and 21%. There were no significant differences in the rhythm. CONCLUSIONS: For the beginners shaft length did not affect the rhythm of the hitting. Hitting speeds in length by 19% a more stable performance as a selection of club length of reference.
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