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Title: 足球射門動作之運動生物力學研究
The Sport Biomechanics Research of Soccer Kicking
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2013
Publisher: 長榮大學運動競技學系
Abstract: 足球比賽的關鍵在於射門進球,而一支球隊射門質量的優劣,得分機會把握的能力直接影響隊上成績。過去研究顯示,平均每場比賽關鍵的射門機會13.24次,進球數2.22次(進球率17%)。即使是只有守門員一人防守的罰踢,進球率也只有67%-75%。因此,如何在競爭激烈比賽中有效的射門已成為當前足壇的重要議題。過去研究以不同接近角度作踢擊實驗,不論在動作表現或球迷上都有顯著差異,然而卻沒有明確指出最佳的接近角度為何。本篇研究試著回顧過去有關在射門方面運動生物力學的研究,並希望統整過去文獻的結果做為未來在研究上的方向。
Successful kicking is crucial to the soccer match. The kicking quality and the chance of shooting can affect the outcome of a match. The results of prior research shows that the average numbers of crucial shooting chance is 13.24 times and the average numbers of successful kicking is 2.22 times in each match. Even during the penalty kicking, the rate of the successful is only 67 to 75%. Hence, how to performance an effective kicking during the high competitive match is the main issue of the study. Prior studies tried to do the experiment that kick from various angles, the results of studies showed the massive difference on the performance of action and the velocity of ball; however, it did not indicated which angle was the best approach point precisely. This study tries to review and synthesize those prior researches according to soccer kicking of Sports Biomechanics in order to find the cornerstone of future research.
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