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Title: 游泳抓臺式出發之運動學分析
Kinematic Analysis of the Grab Swimming Start
Other Titles: 個案研究
A Case Study
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2006
Publisher: 國立成功大學體育室暨體育健康與休閒研究所
Abstract: 本研究目的主要針對優秀游泳選手在游泳抓台式出發動作中其水面上與水面下的運動學參數進行分析。受試者為一名國內優秀游泳女子選手,使用三台數位攝影機進行水面上與水中拍攝,並以Kwon3D分析軟體進行運動學參數分析。水面上之結果中受試者的反應時間為0.2秒,離台時間為0.87秒,離台角度為-5.42 度,離台速度為4.39公尺/秒,飛行時間為0.32秒,飛行距離為3.18公尺,入水角度為38.7度。在水面下受試者的入水後角度為24.7度,入水面積為0.73公尺,水位中滑行距離為5 .45公尺,水中滑行時間為2.87秒,振腰時機為入水後0.71秒與速度為1.92公尺/秒時,到15公尺時間為8.15秒,到15公尺速度為2.3 7公尺/秒。本研究之結論為1.受試者在離台後的飛行距離較短,透過反覆的出發跳水訓練應可增加飛行距離。2.入水角度過大將導致潛水深度過深且影響滑行時間。建議受試者在水中的海豚式振腰踢腳動作之連續性熟練度需要再加強練習。
The purpose of this study was to kinematic analyze the swimmer performing the grab start. One female elite competitive swimmer was participated in this study. Data were collected from three video recordings above and below water. The video data were digitized and calculated with Kwon3D Motion Analysis System. The results of above water were as follow: reaction time was 0.2s; block time was 0.87s; takeoff angle was -5.42deg; takeoff velocity was 4.39m/s; flight time was 0.32s; flight distance was 3.18m; entry angle was 38.7deg. The results of below water were as follow: entry angle below water was 24.7deg; entry area was 0.73m; glide distance was 5.45m; glide time was 2.87s; kicks opportunity was 1.92rn1s after dived into water 0.71s; time to 15m was 8.15s; velocity at 15m was 2.37rn1s. The conclusions of this study were: 1. The subject should increase the flight distance. 2. The longer entry angle resulted the dive too depth and longer glide time. 3. Subject should increase training time for kick continuity skill.
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_F0104_01_039
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