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Title: 優秀女壘選手打擊動作之生物力學分析
Biomechanical Analysis of Female Fast Pitch Softball Batting
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2004
Publisher: 中華民國大專院校體育總會
Abstract: 本研究主要目的為探討女子快壘打擊動作之運動學與動力學參數,藉由對打擊動作深入的暸解,以發揮高度的運動技術及提升訓練效果。以台灣師範大學女壘隊7名優秀選手為施測對象。利用兩台Redlake高速攝影機(250Hz)與測力扳(1000Hz)同步擷取打擊期間之運動學與動力學參數。實驗結果發現,擊中球瞬間之後腳膝角度125.2±7.09(deg),前腳膝角廈平均159.l±5.44(deg)。球棒棒頭最大速度出現在擊中球之前平均0.03±0.003(秒)。而球棒連最大速度之時,打者左右大腿產生之力矩占全身各部位力矩和約32±9%,而軀幹所產生之力矩則占全身力矩和為44.39±13.95%,所以軀幹的強化對提昇球棒速度有絕對的幫助。關於雙腳之地面反作用力,打者在後擺期將重量大部分先集中在後腳,隨著打擊動作身體之旋轉,逐漸轉移到前腳。在擊球瞬間,前腳與後腳Fz值之比例為3:0此實驗結果與Messier(1985)之實驗相符。
The purpose of this study was to analyze the kinematic and kinetic parameters of female fast pitch softball batting. Seven elite Taiwanese female fast pitch softball batters served as subjects. Two Redlake high-speed cameras (250Hz) were synchronized with a force platform (1000Hz)to record the hitting action. When bat speed achieved maximum, the mean moment of both thigh contributed about 32�9 (%) of total body moment. The trunk moment contributed 44�14 (%) of all. The vertical force of rear foot increased and was larger than forward foot in buffer phase. The batters shifted their weight from the rear toward the forward foot during swinging phase. At the moment of contacting ball the average vertical force of forward foot was three times larger than the rear foot. It was suggested that in order to generate maximal bat velocity, a hitter must have a strong trunk to generate rotation moment.
ISSN: 1563-3470
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_F0104_01_034
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