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Title: 國術騰空飛腳動作運動控制與協調系列研究(1)
A Serial Study of Movement Control and Coordination during Jump-Slap-Kick in Chinese Martial Arts(1)
Other Titles: 運動學與地面反作用力特徵以及各關節的協調配合
Characteristics of Kinematics, Ground Reaction Force and Joints Coordination
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-1998
Publisher: 中華民國體育學會
Abstract: 本系列研究的目的是以生物力學的研究方法探討「騰空飛腳」動作的運動控制與 協調的機制及其對實踐的指導意義。 第一部分的研究是以影片分析法 (120Hz) 和測力板分 析法 (600Hz) 同步收集五位優秀武術選手「騰空飛腳」動作的運動學和動力學參數, 以探 討下肢各關節的運動學和地面反作用力特徵,作為進一步分析下肢各關節控制力矩及其協同 作用效果奠定基礎。角對角座標分析結果顯示「騰空飛腳」起跳階段的支撐腿踝關節與膝關 節均是同步完成先曲屈後伸展的協調作用形式,而髖關節則是在初期先伸展後才與膝、踝協 同變化。角 -- 力座標的分析說明了水平方向地面反作用力扮演著降低運動員水平速度的機 制,而垂直方向的最大地面反作用力產生於下肢關節的最大彎曲階段,為伸展下肢關節創造 了良好的初始條件。騰空後,手腳擊打動作是在身體重心達到最大高度之前完成,作用腿下 肢三關節的角速度最大值均出現在手腳擊打前。
This serial study based on biomechanical approach aims at exploring the mechanisms of movement control and coordination during jump-slap-kick and giving the perceptual guidance for the practice. The first part of the study was to investigate the characteristics of kinematics and ground reaction forces in order to lay the foundations for further study of joint control torque. The Peak Performance 2D Motion Analysis System (120Hz) and Kisterler forceplatform (600Hz) were used synchronously to acquire the data of kinematics and ground reaction forces from five elite male Chinese martial arts athletes performing jump-slap-kick. The results of angle vs. angle analysis indicated that both the ankle and knee joints of action leg showing the flexion then following by extension movement pattern during the support phase. The hip joint on the other hand showing extension at beginning of the support phase, and then acting conjunctly with knee and ankle joint. The horizontal ground reaction forces acted to reduce the horizontal velocity of athlete's c.g. during the support phase. The maximal vertical ground reaction force occurred at the maximum flexion phase of the action leg. This created an ideal initial condition for the takeoff. During the flight phase, the kicking action, that the hand slapped the foot happened prior to the body c.g. reaching the highest position, and the maximum angular velocity for each joint of the action leg also appeared at a moment before the hand slapped the foot.
ISSN: 1024-7297
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