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Title: 跆拳道屈伸式與直擺式下壓踢法之運動學分析
The Kinematics Analysis of Taekwondo Flex-Stretching and Straight Axe-Kick
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jul-1998
Publisher: 中華民國體育學會
Abstract: 本研究之目的在於探討屈伸式與直擺式兩種跆拳道下壓踢法之運動學特 徵。以國立台灣師範大學跆拳道代表隊8名(女5名,男3名)選手為受試對 象,平均年齡20.29±1.39歲,平均身高165.00±7.50公分,平均體重 59.63±8.25公斤,平均專項訓練時間8.25±2.38年。利用Peak攝影機, 拍攝速度為120張/秒,進行二度空間運動學分析。受試者影片資料經比例尺 轉換的方法,Peak Performance分析系統及SPSS電腦統計軟體分析後,結 果如下: 一、屈伸式下壓踢法有較快之攻擊時間及平均速度,其值分別為0.37±0.02 秒與5.55±.039公尺/杪,而直擺式為0.42±0.01秒與4.76±0.56 公尺/秒,兩者均達顯著差異。 二、直擺式下壓踢法有較佳的攻擊效果,其攻擊腿擊中踢靶瞬間速度為7.47 ±0.75公尺/秒,而屈擺式為5.97±1.10公尺/秒,兩者達顯著差異。 三、攻擊腿速度最大值出現在直擺式下壓踢,其值為9.87±0.93公尺/秒, 而屈伸式下壓踢法則為8.58±1.24公尺/秒,兩者達顯著差異。 四、直擺式下壓踢法重心最高點出現在擊中踢靶瞬間,而屈伸式下壓踢法則出 現在擊中踢靶之後。
The purpose of this research was to analyze the kinematic characteristics of the taekwondo axe-kick Five female and three male athletes from the National Taiwan Normal University taekwondo team served as the subject. Their mean age, height, weight, and train experience were 20.29 � 1.39 years, 165 � 7.5cm,59.65 � 8.25kg,8.25 � 2.38years respectively. One Peak high-speed camera (120 f/s) was used to collect the kinematic data. The selected variable were tested by using the SPSS t-test program. The results were following: 1.Flex-stretching axe-kick has faster attacking time (0.37 � 0.02s) and velocity (5.55 �.0.39m/s) than the straight axe-kick (.042 � 0.01s and 4.70 � 0.56m/s). Both reach significant difference. 2.Straight axe-kick has a better attack effect. The attack velocity on target is 7.74 � 0.75m/s for straight axe-kick and 5.97 � 1.10m/s for flex-stretching axe-kick respectively. Both reach significant difference. 3.The straight axe-kick has a maximum velocity (9.87 �0.93m/s)during the attack than the flex-stretching axe-kick(8.85 � 1.24m/s).Both reach significant difference. 4.The body center of mass (CM) reach the highest point during the straight axe- kick hitting the target, however the body CM reach the highest point after the flex-strengthening axe-kick hitting the target.
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