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Title: 職網陪賽經驗的知識建構
The Construction of an Epistemology of Coach's Practice-based Experience
Other Titles: 三色空間交往模式的發現
Exploring the Triple Spaciality of Tour Companionship between Tennis Pro and Coach
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2007
Publisher: 臺灣身體文化學會、揚智文化事業股份有限公司
Abstract: 本文以筆者九個月密集的職網旅外陪賽為例,從田野經驗出發,探討一個網球教練,如何藉著「源根究本反省」(radical reflection),將陪賽的意識經驗,層層剝落,直到前意識的部分,進而到教練和選手之間,主客不分的原初狀況,在充分掌握陪賽經驗的意識、前意識及原生意識的面向後,發現陪賽內容可依專業或投入度的不同,分成陪、伴、比、賽四種方式,而教練和選手雙方的交往,是在三色空間流轉中的互動,它們分別是正面、積極,灑滿白光空間下的交往,負面、消極、籠罩危險感的灰色空間的交往,以及失控、抓狂、雙方關係斷裂的黑色空間的交往。透過對陪賽三種色調、三種質感、三種心情、三種感覺、以及面對三色空間的框框反應的釐清,文章建立一個貼近田野實踐的陪賽經驗模式。
The aim of this paper is contributed to clarify the epistemology of coach's practical experience. For the purpose, this study is based on my nine-months fieldwork experience in accompanying three professional tennis players competing in various international tournaments. It discloses an epistemological structure of companionship between player and coach. I argue that the tour companionship is operated respectively through three colors of spaciality which are white, grey and black. Under the spaciality of white light, the interaction is full of positive, active, and interconsiderate senses. In the spaciality of grey light, the interaction is full of negative, uncertain and dangerous senses. While in the spaciality of black light, the interaction is situated in the critical moment of irrationality, collapse and broken relationship. Through the clarity of the structural model of coach's accompanying experience, this study can thus argue that a coach's practice-based experience is tacit knowledge and the base of knowledge if not itself all knowledge. By looking at the experience of actual sport setting, we are better able to understand the essence of a coach's practical knowledge which is understudied in nowadays academic research of physical education.
ISSN: 1994-1900
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