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Title: 運動經驗的現象學考察
Towards a Phenomenological Description of the Lived
Other Titles: 透過運動觀照生命本體
Expericnce of Sport
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Apr-1997
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Abstract: 思考運動問題的原點,應該超脫社會文化的面紗,回到運動經驗本身。本文透過 現象學反省,發現運動活絡生動的經驗內容,已然包含極動與極靜間的感官存在、苦澀與愉 悅間的感性存在、意識與非意識間的感知存在、外控與主控間的人我存在、虛幻與真實間的 空間存在、後顧與前瞻間的時間存在等,以及各存在線索兩端間的遊走轉化。本文更進一步 揭露,運動經驗的特質是創意的、深化的、內心不斷成長的、直指生命本體的、以及富含象 徵意義的。最後,本文建議運動事主一方面當用參與者的態度,去體驗運動過程的點點滴滴 ,另方面當用反省者的態度,去觀照習焉不察的經驗內涵,體貼出運動經驗道出的生命之「 情」「理」。
Any adequate account of the significance of sport is to some extent dependent of and presupposes the immediate experience of sport. This paper thus aims at exposing the essential features of the lived experience of sport. In taking up phenomenological standpoints, it is suggested that there are six major existentially dialectical cluse and five essential characteristics in the sport experience as it is lived through. The six clues consist of the dialectical relationships between absolute motion and absolute relaxation on sensual existence,extremely good feeling and extremely bad feeling on passionate existence consciousness and unconsciousness on cognitive existence, total self-control and total otherscontrol on interpersonal existence, real world and imaginary world on spatiality, and retention and protention on temporality. Finally it is suggested in this paper that the essential characteristics of the sport experience are originally creative, intensive, ever-growing, life-worldly, and symbolic.
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