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Title: 加速規在身體活動及能量消耗之應用及其信效度之探討
The Application of the Accelerometer to Measure the Physical Activity Energy Accelerometer : The Reliability and Validity
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2011
Publisher: 國立交通大學體育室
Abstract: 本篇文章以收尋與回顧過去文獻的方式來探討加速規對於身體活動量測量、能量消耗的信效度及加速規配戴於身體不同部位之應用方式。身體活動問卷是一種花費低且較為簡單的身體活動測量方式用來測量大樣本量族群,但身體活動問卷會容易因受試者認知及記憶能力而造成誤差的產生。然而,加速規是一種相對較為客觀的身體活動測量儀器,且具一定的信度及效度,加上科技的進步,加速規的體積變小,使其可以佩戴於身體的各個部位來測量身體活動量及能量消耗。一般加速規應用配帶於腰部或下背部來測量行走或跑步等規律前進的運動,並且已有廣大的研究來支持加速規測量身體活動的效度。但是,漸漸有許多研究嘗試將加速規配戴於腰部外其他身體部位來測量不同運動項目。另外,加速規在測量身體活動量時,可能會因受試者疏乎忘記配戴、誤碰儀器開關及電池脫落等而造成資料流失。未來可進一步探討加速規應用在不同運動及不同配戴之加速規測量身體活動量的信、效度,讓加速規可以廣泛的使用於日常生活及專項運動上。
The main purpose of this article is to collect and review literature about the accelerometer which is used to measure physical activity level and energy consumption in human. This article also examined the methods of reliability and validity. Physical activity questionnaire is a less expensive and a more simple method to measure the physical activity from a large sample of population; however, the physical activity questionnaire, due to the cognitive functions and memory abilities of subjects’ physical activity, would produce measurement errors. On the other hand, the accelerometer, compared to the physical activity questionnaire, is a relatively objective physical activity measurement instrument, and possesses a fair degree of validity and reliability; coupled with advances in technology, the accelerometer smaller in size, so that it can be worn on different parts of the body to measure body activity and energy consumption. There are many researches that support the fact that the accelerometer should be worn on waist or lower back so that it can measure physical activity more accurately. However, besides the waist and lower back, many studies have tried to use the accelerometer to measure physical expenditure in the different sports. In addition, the accelerometers measurement of physical activity may be a factor of: participants forgetting to wear certain parts, wear and tear, misuse, being touched inappropriately, equipment switch, and batteries loss causing data loss. Further studies can explore the reliability and validity accelerometer with different sports, different ethnic groups, and different ways of wearing the parts in physical activity; this can increase its applications in daily life and specific sports.
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